Please Read Carefully on 10 Things to consider before choosing a Flight School

Choosing a flight can be so difficult since all the whole flight school in the world portray themselves as the best even the ones established some hours ago. Student especially foreign student find it hard to make the right choice and by so doing, might end up meeting scammers who will just end up messing with their dreams.

What is a Flight School?

A flight school is an educational institution established for training people on how to fly airplanes. A flight school can be located anywhere so far it’s safe and government approved. Students can acquire aviation knowledge such as;

  • Navigation, Flight Planning, and Instrument Flight Rules
  • Federal Aviation Regulations
  • Getting to Know the Aircraft
  • Understanding the Principles of Flight
  • Using Weather Forecasts and Information
  • Flight Maneuvers and Pilot Duties
  • The Right Attitude
  • Aeromedical Knowledge

Flying is one of the most rewarding, exhilarating and enjoyable experiences you can have but I think if you one to choose a flight school and not regret, You need to pay a visit to that school and observe if they actually meet up to your standard. Observe the environment, safety history, Facilities, and Fleets and most especially cost and Government approved status either Part 61 or Part 141.


   Here are the Necessary Things You Need to Consider before choosing a flight school.

1. Consider Your Pilot Goals

Don’t just wake up one morning and register to any flight school. What exactly is your pilot goal? I think that should be the first question. Are you going for a professional pilot career or do you just want to learn how to fly for pleasure?

Making that decision will help you determine which type of training you’d like to receive. The reason why you should take this first step is that some flight schools are more professional than the other. So if you are going for a professional pilot career, then you need to consider checking out flight schools that have an affiliate partnership with regional or international airlines.

Let me give you an example Flight school A might be in Partnership with Qantas Airline or SkyWest Airline and the cost is $80,000. Flight school B has no partnership history and the training cost is $25,000. Your desire is to be a professional pilot so I will recommend SCHOOL A. Because of your pilot goals not because you are rich.


2. Courses offered and Mode of Training.

My cousin showed me a post made by a student who attended Berichi Aviation. The young man was crying loud on social media telling people not to attend this flight school. He pointed out the courses and mode of training were not what he expected from the fake instructor according to him.

So you see, you as a candidate understanding the course offered in your dream flight school and mode of training is so much important. That’s why you should beforehand pay a visit to the flight school before you consider registering for that flight school.

Some flight schools offer leisure training (part-time) while others don’t so what then is the reason?

Find out if the flight school operating a FAR (Federal Aviation Regulations) part 61 or FAR part 141.

The difference between the two programs is: Part 61 is more relaxed and free. It allows the instructor to adapt the syllabus and lesson plans as long as they find it fits the discussion.

Part 141 on the other hand, is a lot more meticulous, rigid and intensive when it comes to the course outline. Outlines must be approved by the FAA first and this program is quicker than the programs under Part 61.


3. Consider The Location that will make you a Professional Pilot

Let’s say I am from Zimbabwe and I want to be a professional pilot, I don’t think Zimbabwe will be the best place to stay. I will rather go to South Africa, Ethiopia or at most migrate to the US and pursue my pilot dream. Learning to fly in busy airspace will make you a better pilot and for that reason, I will recommend you visit Germany or apply for UK-based Flight schools.

In considering the location check as well to know if the flight school environment is. An aviation school that’s in a safe, easily accessible location is the better choice.


4. What is the Cost?

This is the night mare of them all the cost of the course you are going for can you afford this. The cost of flight training varies widely from flight to flight school,  However, you should be able to get a private pilot license for around $10,000, depending on the location, type of airplane used, type of flight school, instructor experience, and the pace at which you are able to learn.

I always advise my candidates that The cost doesn’t necessarily reflect whether the school’s program is good or bad; whatever you decide, just prepare yourself financially. Most students due to the cost, keep searching for Aviation Scholarship Programs.


5. Conduct a Review online About the Flight School

Yes conduct a review online about the flight school you are about to train with this is another factor many students neglect. They just visit the website of the flight school and if its beautifully deigned they will just apply without checking out what other past students have said about that flight school. Let me give you an example.

before choosing a flight school

Visit some review site such as Quora and Trust Pilot and queue in about the name of that flight schools so as to see other people’s recommendations on that school.

6. Do Years of Establishment Matter?

Of course it matters, never go to a flight school that is not up to at least 8-10 years of establishment. Let me give you an example, Eagle Air is close to 12 years and still counting with safety records. I think Years of Establishment but if you have a different notion please hit the comment box.

7. Ask About Past Students And Communicate with them

For a flight school that was established 10 years ago, surely there must be stories from past students which is either good or bad. So you need to conduct research on those past students, ask about the flight school, their achievement so far, and most especially how the flight school in question, have helped them in achieving their dreams. When you have gotten your answers from them, is either you are confident or discouraged.

8. Availability of  Flight Instructors

What good is a flight school with a fleet of new aircraft but no qualified flight instructors? One of the necessary things you should also consider or let say steps to take before choosing a flight school is to consider the performance and background of your potential pilot instructors.

Aside from the instructors’ experience and qualification, check also the number of pilot instructors that a flight school has.

10 Things to consider before choosing a Flight School

Your Instructors’ availability is an A factor for swift and precise learnings. An inadequate number of instructors leads to delayed classes, rescheduled or skipped training and will eventually affect the duration and quality of your education.

All these consume more money and time but what we are after is that you achieve your vision. Also when you are asking past students about the flight school, ask them about instructors.


9. Consider the Flight School Fleet

This is one of the big stuff you should also consider before choosing a flight school. You must consider the kind of aircraft that a pilot school uses for hands-on teaching. if instrument training is on your agenda, consider starting in glass panel aircraft. Furthermore, if you want to fly professionally, it’s a good asset to have experience with glass cockpits and GPS.

You need to know how many and what are the types of aircraft the school has. Distinguishing the types of aircraft will help you to decide if the aviation school is the right and fit for the training you prefer. An inadequate number of aircrafts may prolong your training period and cost you more. Some student pilot prefers Cessna over piper so you need to understand your preference.


10. Equipment and Facilities

Another thing you need to consider is the Flight schools Equipment and facilities. Some flight school has access to radios and for this reason, it enhances the training of flight students. Check about if they also have flight simulators. The flight simulator helps in artificially recreating the aircraft flight environment for pilot training, design or other purposes. The main purpose of a flight simulator is to help the pilot to achieve, test and maintain proficiency in handling airplane operation without involving any risk to property or lives.


In Conclusion

You have to make your own decision about where to obtain flight training. Once you have decided on a general location, you might want to make a checklist of things to look for in a flight school and that’s why we prepared this for you so you won’t be stranded. Do not make the mistake of making your determination based on financial concerns alone. The quality of training you receive is very important.

Prior to making a final decision, visit the flight school you are considering and talk with management, instructors, and students. Evaluate the points we have listed here and the ones you developed and then take some time to think things over before making your decision. We will always be here for you.

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