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We can’t deny the happiness we got when you record quality Drone Footage. No matter how much we travel at a time, we all come together to share the Memories of our experience all those while. We glance at the high-quality footages we recorded with our best drones.

Since 2015 the Use of Drones has changed so rapidly like a wildfire. As from a simple drone to automated flying filmmakers. The way it is now, there is always a drone developed for you for a specific mission, profession, and specific needs even if you are a gateman, you still need security drones as well.

Before now, the biggest problem for drones which shielded the flying object from expanding was the Federal Restrictions, other issues were battery capacity, flight Time and control range. But today these issues see, to be bad memories of a great hero thanks to Drone Manufacturing Industries like DJI as these companies keep manufacturing drones to suit the personal and official preferences

Maybe Your Favorite Drone Was not Mentioned, We found these 5 drones Amazing for Quality Drone Footage so If you feel there are more drones worth mentioning, please reach us out on our comment box.


The 5 best drones with Quality Drone Footage


The new Skydio R1 ($1,999.00) is capable of recording more than 90 minutes in a 4k definition and 4-5 hours in 1080P. The sweetest of it all is that this specific drone can launch from the palm of your hand.

Flying up to 2mph in several modes, Skydio R1 is well supported by advanced AI- driven follow Technology that helps the Drone Independently to Avoid Objects in dense in Environments.

Check Apple Review On Skydio R1

#2. DJI Mavic 2

A friend of the company said this is best recommended for Armatures. The Mavic 2 is Equipped with A 10- bit color profile system that can record more than one billion colors and captures in- dept. details in dimly or brightly it spaces.


#3. DJI Mavic Air

Drone Footage

When you think about Quality High Drone Footage, think about DJI Mavic Air. The drone is one the best simple and classy drones for your Adventure.

The Mavic Air is packed with a lot of features it shoots video at an incredible 4k 30 FPS  recording at 100 MBPS to capture every second with UHD Quality.

 #4. Parrot Anafi drone



This is another Simple Drone that features a 4k HDR cameras that can zoom to almost three times magnification without negatively impacting the resolution quality and a gimbal that can tilt 180 degrees for unique low-angle perspectives.

Price = ($699)


#5. Swellpro Spry

This is best recommended if you wish to take your fun to marine areas. The Swellpro Spry

Is combined with the latest built-in movement algorithms with a big airframe and water proof casing.

Price = $898

The drone is designed for harsh marine element. The spry is equipped with specially coated motors and corrosion –resistant materials and it features a poly carbonate dome that protects its 4K Camera, Offering Transparency without distortion.

Reviews on Swellpro Spry

New SwellPro Splash Drone 3+ is now available at Elotshop South Africa


It’s so amazing how we get to use drones in every aspect of our lives. From surveillance and bomb detection to racing, Agriculture and adventure. Nobody believed this was going to be possible as of last three years but thanks to these drone Industries such as DJI, Swellpro, and so many others which you might have come across that we don’t even know.

We all need Quality Drone Footage and most times we found out that is one of the main reason we purchased a particular drone in the first place. Imagine what life will look like in the next 10 years as these companies keep on coming up with quality drones.

Take it or leave it, Drone has replaced the expensive helicopters and chatter planes renting for any type of aerial shooting. A very impressive thing about modern drones is that you need little training to handle them.





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