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Air Tanzania: Beauty Vs Knowlege

The main reason why many people ‘think’ that most cabin crew out there are good looking is because the airlines have created that funny ILLUSION. During the cabin crew training, ALL crew goes through grooming/image/uniform training.

In Tanzania, Kigoma south member of Parliament Husna Mwilima shocked the house with the claims that Air Tanzania’s Hostesses are not attractive enough to serve the national carrier.

However, after a day in which Husna made that speech, the current deputy minister of works, Transport and communication Atastashta Nditiye have said that the Tanzanian government does not use beauty as one of the requirements when hiring staff for the National Carrier.

The Legislator calls

The Legislative council had called on the airline to emulate other carriers by hiring staff who have good and outstanding qualities that attract clients to improve Airline visibility. However, meeting with the legislative council Today, Nditiye said that there is a well laid down procedure which stipulates the recruitment of staff at ATCL which includes the age requirement of being 18 and above.

Air Tanzania- cabin crew 

Air Tanzania Cabin Crew Training Procedure and Requirements

ATCL cabin crew are trained in what to wear, how their hair should look like, what kind of makeup to use, how to look, what kind of jewelry to wear, what kind of shoes to wear, how their nails should look like and how male crew should keep their facial hair etc. They train them in skincare, health care, how to behave, how to even walk and talk.

They instruct the crew exactly what they want them to look like. They ATCL Cabin instructor’s kind of mold everyone into a certain look they want their crew to look like

ATCL cabin crew applicant is expected and must be fluent in both Kiswahili and English also must have a certificate for either Airport ground service or in-flight service

Nditiye also pointed out in that meeting that these applicants must possess a license from the Tanzanian civil aviation Authority (TCAA).

Other advantages include air hostess being knowledgeable for local issues, tourism, and international affairs that are related to the industry.

The conditions and procedure of ATCL cabin crew seem fair if to be compared with other international airlines. Some international airlines require mastery in spoken English and other foreign languages and the applicant must be between 18 and 26 years of age.

ATCL Requirements Vs Air India Requirements

Air India demands that an air hostess must have a degree in hospitality, or other graduate degrees with a height of min 157.5 centimeters, proportional weight, unmarried, with perfect eyesight and in good health.  ATCL simply requires that applicants be fluent in English and Kiswahili but also in good health.

What do You Think About Air Tanzania Hostess: Beauty VS Knowledge?

According to a survey which was carried out 5 years ago, it shows that passengers feel at home when they are served by fairer and knowledgeable hostesses when they onboard.  Do you suggest Air Tanzania should go for Cabin crew with Aesthetical qualities than Crews with Knowledgeable qualities? Please drop your ideas in the comment section.

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