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Candidates are expected to follow the rules and instructions
so as to not be disqualified from the competition.

Candidates must be at the age of 16 years old -27 years old.

All essays must be type-written with English Language and NOT MORE than 1200 words long, excluding references. You must provide a word count on the entry form. Irrespective of your country.

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High school graduate (Grade 12)

The essay should be an original piece of work. It should be written in the candidate’s own words and not copied from any books, articles, or from the internet.

The candidate Full Names, Nationality, State, Address, Facebook Username and Phone Number should be on the essay cover page or anywhere in the essay.

Candidates should attach personal-identifiable pictures.

It is compulsory that all candidates follow us on all our social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (By so doing Candidates get to know the latest development and activities relating to the online essay competition).

Each Candidate is expected to Pick One Essay Topic of his/her choice out of many listed below

References – books, articles or online sources that are cited should be listed at the end of the essay. Mark the place in the text by a superscript number that refers to the reference list. For example, In the text…Rosalind Franklin�s work was very important10… In the reference list, in numerical order…

    10. Bloggs J. (2001) Famous Female Scientists. London: UCL Press

AViation essay Topics

Welcome, we believe that you have read the rules and regulations to the Aviation Essay Writing. There are 15 Essay Topics, Candidates are advised to PLEASE choose one out of ten they can answer correctly.  Your essay fee is $4.30

Essay Topic 1

Explain some of the technological advances made in aviation, and briefly analyze how these advances will set the stage for further development in the 2020s. Be sure to provide specifics.

Essay TOPIC 2

Picking a flight school of your choice, analyze the Basic problems Aviation Students face in Flight schools. Point out the feasible solutions to this.

essay topic 3

How do you see Emirates Airline in the next 5 years? Looking at the History, Customers Satisfaction, Airline fleets, Orders, Staff well-being, and Destinations. Don’t forget to point out Problems and challenges.

essay topic 4

Do you think there is still Hope for the Boeing 737 Max? In your utmost experience in the Aviation Industry, give a feasible candid contribution and suggestion to Boeing.

essay topic 5

Pick an Airline in your country, write and overview about that Airline. (candidates should be able to visit the Airline, take some self-photographs )

essay topic 6

Demand for travel and tourism has grown at a faster rate than demand for most areas of economic activity Discuss.

essay topic 7

Outline the strong relationship that exist between international aviation and the international tourist industry globally.

essay topic 8

In recent years, the international airline and airport industries have experienced structural instability and dynamic change in both the marketplace and the regulatory regimes that govern airline competition policy. These changes have been compounded by the dramatic events of September 11, 2001 Briefly Discuss.

essay topic 9

Air travel has changed throughout the years and so did the role of cabin crews. What are the challenges the modern cabin crew today face? Do you think these challenges has feasible solutions? Please Point out.

essay topic 10

Boeing 747 held passenger capacity record for 37-38 years. Do you think of any Jetliner beating that record in the next 20 years? Briefly point out using any Jetliner of your choice manufactured by any recognized Aerospace manufacturing companies (Boeing, Airbus)

essay topic 11

How has the covid 19 affected the aviation industry in your country or on a global scale?

essay topic 12

Will advanced autopilot eliminate the need of manual pilots in future? Briefly Discuss

essay topic 13

Picking any Airline of your choice, Briefly Outline the Challenges faced by the airline industry in the 21st century. State Possible solutions to these challenges.

essay topic 14

Women in Aviation: What are the General causes of gender imbalance in the Aviation Industry.

essay topic 15 (finale)

Aviation businesses can thrive digitally during this period of stay-at-home policy? Briefly Explain and Discuss