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When you recommend Eagle Air to students, they, first of all, gave you that impression you talking about a certain Commercial Airline they never knew of. For foreign students out there, there are many reasons why you need to visit South Africa. South Africa is one of the countries in Africa with Best flight schools after Ethiopia.

However, It finally dawns on them that you are talking about a flight school they need to attend or at least pay a visit to before making their final decision on choosing the best flight school.

How did we gather all the facts about Eagle Air?

Before coming up to recommend any flight school or anything Aviation whatsoever we do underground research before giving the public the best of the best.

According to FlyMags Annual Statistics, Over Twenty (20) students did their Initial solos in 2018, About  Twelve (12) Students completed and obtained their Private Pilot License. About Ten Students (10+) completed and obtained their Multi IF Commercial Pilot’s License, A number not specific, completed and obtained their Multi VFR Commercial Pilot License, Night Ratings, and Initial Multi-Engine Ratings

We came up with the Top 11 things you should know before coming to Eagle Air

Finally, it took us three days certainly to get the information we needed for this as most of our interviewers who we met physical and on social media gave us the necessary things we needed as if they knew we were coming for it and that’s was a good impression if you ask me.

First of all, we contacted the customer care who gave us about 75% information  through email: [email protected]

Secondly, we thought we will be biased we use only their own company facts so what else did we do? We consulted students from various parts of the world through emails and social media.

However, Flymags belongs to 51 WhatsApp group, member of 29 Aviation groups on Facebook with 336 veterans on Twitter. Their response was very good and a little negations.

What is An Aviation School?

It’s most likely called ‘flight school’ so a flight school is the best arena for fresher to learn different courses of flight operations in a comfortable, conducive, systematic and technical way. The skill acquisition is for anybody aspiring to become a pilot. Piloting is not an easy task to do and because of that, it requires a lot.

Does Eagle Air meet up to the Standard required?

Yes, they are, Eagle Air uses the most reputable maintenance organization at wonderboom national Airport Pretoria South Africa. At Eagle Air, Students are exposed to a lot as the flight school has a fully functional Air Traffic control Tower with radios. With the use of these radios so with that, Students are exposed to how radio works.


Eagle Air


Before you make decisions on selecting flight schools, the first thing you need to do is background research about flight schools on your list. Eagle Air LTD has been in operation as an elite school for more than 11 years and still counting.

Registered with South African Civil Aviation as an Aircraft Training Organization. Eagle Air is being owned by a group of veterans the flight school is not a one-man-show business. Eagle Air is being owned by Percy Rudman, Chih-Jen Tseng, Iemei Tseng, and Brandon Mendillo.

Iemei Mendillo, Percy Rudman Snr, and Tommy Tseng.

For 12 years and still counting, Eagle has one Vision which is to produce the highest quality of pilots with a wide variety of experience in different aircraft type. I think that’s why it’s situated at wonderboom national Airport so that students can be widely exposed


Eagle Air is located at Wonderboom National Airport Pretoria South Africa. AirLink also operates at this Airport too.

Is the School Meant for Only South Africans?

Eagle Air is one elite flight school with students all over Africa, Asia. and South America so the Answer is no. Eagle Air is an international flight school with open arms to accept students from all works of life. With Eagle Air, you are exposed to meet students from other parts of the globe.

You meet students from Kenya, Mozambique, Botswana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Abu Dhabi, China, Ghana, Angola, and India. Let’s say you want to learn about the culture/languages of the afro-mentioned countries, Eagle Air gives you that free platform to meet fellow students from all parts of the globe.


What are the services offered by this flight school? That’s the second thing you need to do in your bucket list when making decisions on choosing the best Flight school because, with that, you can now know if a particular school offers your desired specifications.

However, Eagle Air Offers services like:

Fixed Wing:

  • PPL Training Instrument
  • CPL Training Rating
  • ATPL Training Jet
  • Instructor Rating
  • Night Rating


  • PPL Training
  • CPL Training
  • Instructor Rating

Ancillary Training:

  • Language Proficiency
  • Crew Resources Management
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Radio Licence
  • First Aid
  • Fire Fighting

Now it is up to you to know the exact certification you as a student, is looking for. The training is done on one on one system so I think that is the way too awesome). This was also confirmed on the Pilot career website


In picking up a flight school the third thing we check out is if the particular aviation school got some quality experience. Can they beat up to what exactly you are looking for?

Eagle air has a combined professional experience of above 15 500 hours among the firm flight instructors so I think that is far better than ok. If you have any objection Hit us up on the comment box.

Time to complete your training:

PPL full time – approx. 12 to 16 weeks

PPL part-time – approx. 6 to 9 months

Commercial full time – approx. 15 to 18 months (1 year/six months)

Commercial part-time – approx. 24 to 30 months (3 years)

This is very viable depending on the students’ performance. One of the Chief flight instructors at Eagle Air Has the total number of 5100 flight hours. You can meet him up on Facebook.

Does Eagle Air Have the Necessary Equipment and Facilities?

Yea for sure they do have all the necessary facilities and equipment you need. A Friend said there are limitations but I doubt that please affirm your own idea about Eagle Air. Eagle Air 3 Has Hangars and offices facilities. It owns a substantial amount of light spot Aircraft you need for your training.

Moreover, Eagle Air has an Executive lounge at the main terminal at Wonderboom International Airport.

FNTP II Certified Simulator training with GNSS capabilities.

SACAA approved examination facilities.

Accommodation is available.

Transport available.

Pilot shop

Now that feels like a real Aviation community.


The fourth thing in your bucket list to examine the Equipment and gears of flight schools on your list to know if they meet the standard you are looking for. Eagle Air has a complete set of light spot Aircraft that is very conducive and effective. Eagle air make use of

Fixed-wing fleet:

  • 6 x Cessna 172
  • 5 x Cherokee 180
  • 1 x Piper Arrow II
  • 1 x Piper Arrow III
  • 3 x Seneca II
  • 1 x Cessna 402
  • One x Barron 55
  • Single x Cessna Citation 500 Jet

Rotary Fleet:

  • 4 x Robinson 22
  • 4 x Robinson 44
  • 2 x Squirrels
  • 1 x Augusta 109


At Eagle Air, you pay on local currency as Eagle Air operates a “pay as you earn” system ranging from R35000. The fees are based on your specific certifications.

How To Contact Eagle Air

Tel: +27 12 543 1929
Fax: +27 12 543 1923
[email protected]

Or you can visit them at Terminal Mezzanine Level Wonderboom National Airport Terminal Pretoria South Africa. Operations Hangar 56 – 58 Wonderboom National Airport Lindvelt Road Pretoria, 0020 South Africa

A Unique Flight Family To Connect  With 

The feeling you get at Eagle Air is that of Family feeling as everybody is treated equally. Moreover, Training is conducted on “one on one” system with a cheerful flight and understanding flight instructors. Percy Rudman seems fun to be with. Eagle is a well systematic focused family of experts trained with concrete and accurate skills.

Possesses Variety of Aircraft

Eagle Air has a quality taste when it comes to their Aircraft selection because the firm has a full set of light spot aircraft ranging from Cessna to Piper Cherokee. Moreover, the variety of aircraft available at Eagle Air gives students the edge in the aviation community. When it comes to Payment, You can pay up with local currency also I do think Eagle Air’s Quote is less expensive but if you can relate if you know other price Quotes in South Africa. You can also check out Prestige flight school in Zambia.  Our next review should be Top  Flight Schools in Kenya


Eagle Air vision is to produce the highest quality of pilots with a wide variety of experience in different aircraft type treating all with equal fairness. There are other flight schools in South Africa However, Eagle Air offers something I think it’s very different when it comes to their one on one training system. so I rank Eagle Air the Best Aviation School In Pretoria South Africa.

This Is a Two-man Review about Eagle Air Possibly you have a different view all you believe there are certain limitations you believe we didn’t point out please hit on the comment box. But if you are interested in becoming one of our students, check out the Top 11 things you should know before coming to Eagle Air Academy South Africa

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