I was going through my friend’s travel blog on the best honeymoon destinations someone can recommend to newly married couples. Of course, I have to use that phrase “newly-married” because the main concept of the honeymoon is all about a holiday taken by newlyweds immediately after their wedding, to celebrate their newly-marriage.

Today, honeymoons are often celebrated in destinations considered exotic, natural or romantic.  Some spend close to two months, some weeks all depends on your pocket. Believe me, some spend these holidays right inside their room no going out. My dear it all depends on your pocket.

Get your pen and diary ready as I recommend the best honeymoon destinations you can explore using Travelstart to book cheap flights to these exotic areas.


   Best Honeymoon Destinations You Have to check


Cape Town, South Africa

When you want to plan about your honeymoon, I think Cape-town South Africa should be on your bucket list. Although I have not been there personally, for the record, Cape Town in 2018 received 2.6 million international tourists from all parts of the world. Indeed, Cape Town has you covered with glamorous beaches, big-city buzz, wild landscapes, and easy access to wine country and some of the world’s best safaris.

Where to stay in Cape Town South Africa?

I know this will be your next question, Cape Town is blessed with exotic hotels such as; Atlantic Seaboard, Ellerman house, which is very affordable with quality and exotic views. You can check Cape Town holidays: a guide to the best areas and hotels.


Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida

This is for beach lovers as Miami Florida is endowed with more gorgeous with palm trees and sunshine for days. Of the best beaches is the majestic and iconic Eden Roc Miami Beach is the go-to hotel for luxurious and memorable honeymoon stays. Or you have to do right now is to check out your Favorite Booking Platform and book the next flight to Miami.


Obudu Mountain Resort

Obudu Mountain Resort- flymags

My first trip to obudu mountain resort made me fall in love immediately at the natural sight of the area. The place was blessed with trees, a peaceful environment and as much is indeed beautiful.

No better way to celebrate love than taking long romantic walks and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Young couples can engage in numerous outdoor activities such as hiking, golfing, horseback riding and bird watching.

You can as well visit the Banana Village where you can get juicy bananas at cheap prices. This is one of the best honeymoon destinations situated in Cross-River state Nigeria.


Oguta Lake Holiday Complex

Oguta Lake Holiday Complex

Let’s come down to the Eastern part of Nigeria where real natural enjoyment happens. When you think there is no hope at all, Oguta offers is it all. Located in Imo state, the beautiful scenery will make you forget all that wedding stress before you can say “I do”.

Recreational activities include swimming and boat cruising to mention a few. The confluence of Urasi River and Oguta Lake offers a metaphoric image of what marriage means and the beauty of it.


The whispering Palm Resort

The whispering Palm Resort
The whispering Palm Resort


The name sounds funny, right? Yes, I was thinking about what you are thinking when I heard “The whispering Palm Resort for the very first time. However, nothing sounds more romantic than birds chirping as you take a leisure walk on the beach.

The whispering Palm Resort is located in Badagry, I cannot think of many getaway locations as romantic as this beach.  There is so much to do in the absolutely splendid environment creating a sense of balance between fun and rest.

Among the attractions are an art gallery, heritage room, swimming pool, miniature golf, paddleboats, a mini zoo, and tennis courts. Remember to book with Travelstart if you an international tourist visiting Nigeria for the first as they got you covered.


Zambia Victoria Falls (Best Honeymoon Sight-seeing)

Zambia Victoria Falls (Best Honeymoon Sight-seeing)
Zambia Victoria Falls (Best Honeymoon Sight-seeing)


Let’s say you don’t feel like staying in your home country, now let’s head to one the most peaceful country in Africa which is Zambia.

Victoria Falls which is known as ‘the Smoke that Thunders’. It is a destination as famous for its white-knuckle adventures like river rafting and bungee jumping as it is for elephant interactions, sunset river cruises, and helicopter flips.

Kamp Ikare

If you are looking for one the best places for your Honeymoon then try Kamp Ikare. Kamp Ikare is quite a natural wonder, situated in a charming part of a well-preserved Nigeria coastline, an attractive panorama of white sand and glittering sea.

This is such a wonderland for your honeymoon. The resort has such a natural splendor that the memory of its beautiful landscape is etched in the memory of visitors long after the visit. This is one of the best places to give your spouse a special honeymoon. You can check for best destinations for honeymoon in Nigeria.


Why Travelstart?

Let me brief you on why you should use Travelstart to book comfortable and cheap flights for your honeymoon.

Travlestart compare flight ticket prices with all of the major airlines. They also search for several route options. I find this really handy because it means I do not have to cheap ticket prices with each individual airline. Their customer support is reliable and 24/7 active. If you have book with Travelstart in the past, we would like you to drop your honest reviews on the comment box.



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