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A new dawn As Eagle Air Launched a New Flight Simulator

Eagle Air launched a new Flight Simulator after getting the device was approved by the SACAA. Eagle Air Academy South Africa is one of the best flight school recommended by FlyMags.
The new Eagle’s Air Flight Simulator
Before now, the great flight school which is situated in Pretoria celebrated the new arrival of a Piper Cherokee ZS-KIM to the Eagle Air fleet on the 1st  of October 2018. 
The arrival of Piper Cherokee ZS-KIM brought joy to us at Pretoria as we all anticipate for happy hours of flying with the new aircraft.
Many thought that was the last Equipment Eagle Air would buy for the year.
Behold, the arrival of new state-of-the-art Simuflight Simulator came down as a shocker to all and this, is of a great benefit to all the students at Eagle Air.
According to a reliable source, the new state-of-the-art Simuflight Simulator arrived at Eagle’s Air Arena on 4th October 2018Which after a  great jubilation, the installation and configuration of the new flight simulator began.
Eagle Air friends and well-wishers as they launch the new flight simulator

As Eagle Air launches A new Flight Simulator, Here are 5 benefits of flight simulator you should know

· Flight simulator allows students to exercise and master specific flight conditions without leaving the ground at all
· Training that takes place in a simulator is predictable without the interruption of unforeseen delays such a poor weather or mechanical difficulties.
· When comparing costs, plane simulator training can be more affordable than live flight time, saving costs for fuel, wear and tear and aircraft rental.
· Student safety is secured during flight simulations allowing flight instructor learners to train under emergency conditions as well as bad weather and technical and mechanical failure.
· Flight simulators allow students in training the opportunity to practice until perfect, mastering technique and decision making and various stress factors during flight.
From the day of the new flight, Simulator arrived at Eagle Air, configurations were done and before the 10th of October 2018, it was almost done and set to work. Although the Company kept her hands crossed as all waits for the approval of the new flight simulator by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA).
Response from the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) was a positive one after performing a series of test on the new flight simulator.
The FNTP 2 Flight Device with RNAV and MCC was approved by SACAA.

Features of the new Eagle Air Flight Simulator

 According to one of the senior managing Director, Percy Rudman the new device has 4 modules which as follows;
1. Piper Warrior,
2. Piper Arrow 3,
3. Piper Seneca 3,
4 Cessna 425 Turbines
Percy Rudman yet, pointed out that the Rates on the various modules will soon be announced along with block hourly rates. The official opening of the new flight simulator was on 25th October 2018.
Facebook image as Eagle Air Launches A new Flight simulator
With the two latest developments at Eagle Air, one can say the Flight academy is indeed soaring higher within the last few months.

Photo speaks

The photo speaks: welcome to Eagle Air
Eagle Air Flight simulator opening Day

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From the 8th OCT-30TH NOV 2018 Eagle air Partnership other joint ventures on social media, are still welcoming young aspirants who got the real zeal to fly. We encourage you to join the moving train at Eagle Air.

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 Eagle Air is a flight school devoted to producing pilots that are “marketable” in the aviation industry. They have a “train to instruct” package available whereby successful
 Candidates, after completion of their training, can be employed as flight instructors at Eagle Air.
Eagle Air Launches a New Flight Simulator

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