User Suggestions and Recommendation On X-PLANE 10 Flight Simulator

After the last update, I think Laminar worked out vital issues that were raised lately by users such as the last update cured the system crashes for the most part that many users were experiencing on S8. X-PLANE 10 Flight Simulator now features a much-improved air traffic control.  This a great a game for people who wishes to become a pilot so that with this great game, it’s like similar to real life experience. When compare with Aerofly2 in terms of Realism, Aerofly2 is no match toX-PLANE 10 Flight Simulator But we are not here today for that Comparisons.

Instead of using computerized voices and offering only occasional clearance and landing instructions, the system Currently, has undergone a complete overhaul. Now, all you have to dial to the correct frequency (which you can look up by clicking on an airport on the local map), file your flight plan, and request clearance.

All the Cockpit seem to be interactive also the last update poses cool Navigation Equipment. The last update feature in new updates like;

  • Upgraded CRJ-200 now with manipulatable cockpit!
  • Highly realistic sounds on Cessna 172
  • Highly realistic sounds on Baron B58!

So, here is What I think X-PLANE 10 Flight SimulatorShould Consider Adding In the Next Update.

For famous and renowned, software like X-PLANE 10 Flight Simulator, I think the new upcoming version should make provisions for the Flight Attendants Mode

Fix the Cessna 172 because it keeps turning left while trying to take off. If possible, please add 1 or more free aircraft! Still the best free flight simulator out there!



Just like IFS the Developers should work on the multiplayer feature and increase the player limit so that people from different parts of the world get to play together, and They should also add more regions or join the regions together to get a larger space for flying. Like North Americans have 2 servers. One for the fighter jets and the other server for free flying. And every continent has 2 servers.

Global Map

No doubt the concept of the software is very good for most beginners, but this software lack one important feature I just pray you guys to fix in the next updates and that is the provision of the Global Map. The map is too small to fly planes like an f16 or a 747 some runways are way too small for them. Most users prefer more maps than more Airplanes.

More Detailed FMC

The FMC should be just like the Desktop Version. Where it should be more detailed and can input the Perf of the plane. In this app, it is only limited. And the Autopilot is not working properly sad to say and Lastly, the control is awful

More Cool Airplanes& Airports

Add more planes livery and regions like global that is much better because everyone wants to travel around the world. This particularly, I know full well that this would take time.

All though they Developers did a Great job on the graphics! A+ Airbus: A340 A380 Boeing: B-52 377 Stratocruiser McDonnell Douglas:

DC-8 MD-11/DC-10 Bombardier: Dash 8 Learjet And of course, CONCORDE.I think the next Update will feature in more airports like JFK airport or Heathrow terminal airport.

Add more realistic crashes and show the parachute coming out of the Cirrus jet SF50 and try to make the terrain slightly better.

Poor Calibration

Cal liberation in Xplane-10This is where I believe everybody is stranded including Me!!! The problem is that the tilting calibration is horrible. You take it all the way to the head just to go up but unfortunately still go down and crash.

There was a point when the plane turned left during take-off, I tried recalibrating it multiple times, but it still turns left on the ground during takeoff always.

The Aircraft behaves on its own like always veering off to sides of the runway while TO/LANDING) . Especially Rudder control is horrible! (Even the slightest Application of Rudder pressure makes the Aircraft unstable and out of control


Auto Pilot Xplane-10

According to LAMINAR Research, “All planes have an autopilot available from the drawer on the right.

The A320 is the only airliner that has not been fully updated with a complete cockpit, unfortunately”.

But the sad story is that Autopilot is not working properly, and the controls are very Awful.


Finally,  is one of the best android Flight Sim With quality graphics. Minimal/non-intrusive ads. When users complain about X-PLANE 10 Flight Simulator, the first thing I do is to try to make that person understand this is not just anyhow Android Flight simulator you can dive in. This is best recommended for people with past Android flight Sim experience and believe me this is not a phone game for me.

X-Plane 10 is no exception, One of the best Android Flight Sim. The enhanced air traffic control makes for a more genuine experience, requiring you to manually dial into the correct frequencies. The addition of AI planes also makes for a more interesting game, as you must wait for and fly past computer-controlled aircraft.

Having pointed Issues which we, from this end, think will be appropriate for the developers of these game to Fix. What do you think about X-PLANE 10 Flight Simulator? Is X-Plane 10 a better product?

Please Share your experience in the comment section and believe me it will so much help in the development of better software for all. If there is any problem, you are experiencing right now and you think I didn’t mention that on the post please feel free to outline let’s make this Sim great.


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