There are plenty of YouTube videos available online that can guide you through the process of fixing and Maintain your drones.

understanding How to Clean and Maintain Your drones and where to get these gears is very important as we in the previous article, have recommended ways for you to Purchase a Drone Online.

Now It is one thing to buy your drone, fly it around, have a first-person-view with it, take pictures, record awesome videos, do whatever beautiful you could do with it, it is another thing to ensure the drone is still in good shape, and that comes to how you can maintain your drone.

If you’re just getting a drone, it is imperative you cultivate the habit of properly caring for your drone and its part. Dust and grime could be detrimental to the parts of the drone, and it is important you keep them off it, so your drone could be ready to fly anytime you want.

Although every drone differs from one another, and they all have specific upkeep requirements, but this article would focus on general tips, need to have tools which apply to every drone out there. Not Just That Where You Can get these Tools either online or Physical shops address. Let’s dive in and see some of them.

Here are Tool You Need to Clean Your Drones

Whenever you want to go out there to fly your drone, a small tool kit is a must-have. Below are some of the tools which should be found in your tool kit.

1. Soft Cleaning Brush

This is good for removing debris and wiping away dust that could have gotten into tight corners or crevices of the drone. Another good cleaning agent is pipe-cleaners.

2. Isopropyl Alcohol

This is an exceptional cleaning agent for cleaning your drone shell. It can remove dirt, grass stains, blood, bug guts, almost anything that could stain your drone. A 99% type of this cleaning agent should be used, so as not to damage the drone’s circuit.

3. Canned Air

This tool is exceptional for clearing out dust and dirt from touch-to-reach spots on your drones, in areas like around the motors or the circuit boards. It doesn’t damage the electronics at all.

4.  3-in-1 Lubricant

If your drone motor requires lubrication, it is good you always have a bottle of lubrication with you. Check for your manufacturer before using lubrication.

5 Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloth is another tool used for wiping down and cleaning out dust and dirt. If you can disassemble your quadcopter motor for a full-on clean, then the microfiber cloth is your best bet for it.

Tools for Repair Your Drones

Sometimes you might happen to be in the field during flying of your drone, and crashes would happen. You don’t want to be stuck with a ground drone because of parts that might come loose during the crash.

Here are some tools you must have for repair purposes.

Extra Props

Propellers are one of the most important parts during flight; it is what keeps the drone in the air. Also, it is one of the parts that fly off or get damaged when the drone crashes. Keeping an extra set of props (even two) matters a lot. If there is a crash, and the props get damaged, you can easily change it with the new ones. Comes very handy.

Soldering iron

This should be part of your tool kit when you’re out in the field. Sometimes you might cause significant damage during flight with your drone that might affect the wirings or electronics; this is where the soldering iron comes in handy. You’ve got to learn how to make use of a soldering iron if you’re not familiar with it.

Extra Batteries

Every drone out there has its own type of battery. If you’re lucky to have a drone that supports replaceable batteries, it’s imperative that you should have fully charged spares which you take along with you when the battery dies out.


How To Fix and Maintain Your Drone

Most of my pals in Nigeria are very scared of purchasing a drone because there are few engineers that know how to fix these drones properly. Most times they have to travel to some places like South Africa just to repair their drones.

It is helpful for pilots to have some drone repair knowledge, so they know what to do, and can save on the time and money needed to get the drone flying again. However, sometimes the damage is extensive enough that you will need to get in contact with the drone manufacturer for drone repair help.

Hire a Professional

If you are not comfortable in your own ability to repair your drone yourself, then it may be time to hire a drone technician.

Drone Manufacturers Website

If you bought your drone from a major drone manufacturer such as DJI or Parrot, then you should check if the repairs are covered under your drone’s warranty.

Check your instruction manual or go online to the manufacturer’s website. If it turns out that the repairs are not covered by the warrant, you may need to pay for the parts and labor yourself.

Most times these take time to fix due to distance but believe me when you calculate the process and time taken, you find out it’s really cheaper to repair your drone yourself that’s why you need to have little knowledge about your drone.


It is certain that every first-timer in one way will crash their drone during the first flight, however, Be as careful as you can when flying your drone for the safety of the public as well as the safety of the drone. Fly safe and in accordance with FAA regulations.

Don’t assume you’ll never crash your drone. It’s not a matter of IF you’ll crash your drone—it’s a matter of WHEN will you crash your drone. It’s not only to buy and have a drone. Maintaining it is very important. I hope this helps you.

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