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From the latest analysis done by Skyscanner, January, February, and August Are the Cheapest Months to Book Flight In 2019 followed by February and August. This is so simple for every traveler looking for the cheapest month to Book flight for Holidays. Aside from this, IN January 2019, you can also fly into Europe with Norwegian Air as low as 200$

Most travelers have heard a lot of tricks so far on the cheapest ways to book a flight online which in so many cases most have tried and failed but with the new result from Skyscanner, every trick and shortcuts look so clear for all. Skyscanner has broken things down even further, suggesting the best hour of the day to get a deal. Which by so doing even though January, February and August are the best months to book the flight there are still special HOURS AND SPECIAL DAYS TO BOOK THESE FLIGHT TICKETS

Moreover, the travel payout booking site has analyzed data to find out the best times for US travelers to book their dream trip for 2019. The online company found that if you are eyeing up a holiday it may be best to book your flights as soon as possible, as January will be the cheapest month to try such with their online platform.

What are the Best Hours to Book Flight In January, February, and August According to Skyscanner?

Book at 5am for the best potential savings New Skysanner report
Book at 5 am for the best potential savings New Skyscanner report


Not all hours are very suitable for one to book a flight in January, February, and August according to Skyscanner. Skyscanner went further to simplify these hours so that I will be very easier for Travelers making use of Online Travel Platforms such as Skyscanner and Travel Payouts

According to Skyscanner statistics, booking at 5 am offers up the highest potential for savings, so make sure to set an alarm. Evening searchers may be at a disadvantage, as 7 pm to 10 pm sees the highest prices. SO DON’T PLACE ANY BOOKING IN THE EVENING

Is This Hours Applicable On All Days of the Week?

Skyscanner pointed out Sundays offer the best deals for both domestic and international flights. Skyscanner report also suggests avoiding booking on Thursday and Friday. If you’re traveling internationally, it’s best to book your flight two months in advance, while the best time to book domestic flights in two to three weeks in advance. Prior to this 2019 report, as of last 2 years, flight booking data shows that booking at 5 am is likely to save you the most money on your flights


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For those in New York

15 weeks in advance for up to 26% off avg. ticket price

January is the cheapest month to visit New York with prices 21% cheaper than the yearly average.

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