A Total Drop-down List of Airbus A350 XWB Deliveries In 2019

Since its commercial flight in January 2015, passengers around the world have experienced the unbeatable efficiency and comfort of the world’s most modern wide-body family and the long-range A350 XWB. Most passengers have preferred airline, which these days, These Airlines In the same vein, tend to understand the great love passengers have for the A350 XWB.

By 2020, A350xwb will be most versatile Aircraft in the sky. The Long- Range Leader actually offers the true long-range capability of up to 8,100 nautical miles but can also be easily configured to operate both regional and ultra-long-haul routes (up to 9,700 nm), demonstrating unrivaled operational flexibility. In  2018, Airbus made 91 deliveries

Currently, there are more than 266 Airbus A350s flying in the -900 and -1000 variants across  24+ different airlines. Some of the airlines that fly A350s to Australia include Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, and Qatar Airways. We all know this 2019, is really bad for Boeing as they Aerospace company keep tackling the challenges of the 737 Max

Here Is A Run-down List of Airlines That Received Airbus A350 in 2019 From Jan-Dec 2019

23rd Jan 2019

Airchina A350:List of Airbus A350 XWB Deliveries In 2019Air China received its 7th Airbus A350 out of the 10 initial orders the Airline made in 2010 from Toulouse. Reg. B-307A was the first delivery made by Airbus in 2019. MSN268.

The Airline received 6 A350-900s of the 10 on order in 2018. Scroll down more and check if they received all of their orders in 2019.

However, just half of the year, Air China, has announced plans to buy a further 20 A350-900s from Airbus, in an order valued at more than $6.5bn at list prices

25th  January 2019

Qatar Airways received its 36th Airbus A350XWBQatar Airways received its 36th Airbus A350XWB.

This was the 2nd delivery in 2019. The MSN 211 With the Reg. A7-AMH was delivered from Toulouse.

26th January 2019

Iberia received its 3rd A350 which is already at Madrid. Reg. EC-NBE was the third Airbus delivery to Airline in 2019. Now, Aer Lingus transferred four A350 orders to Iberia. At a time when the carrier is looking at acquiring A330 aircraft, the orders have transferred to their sister airline. Iberia is the flag carrier of Spain.

Iberia flies a combination of A330s and A340s on its flights to JFK. So, the addition of the A350-900 to its fleet represents a change for the better as far as passenger comfort and fuel efficiency

27th January 2019

Delta Airlines Received it 12th MSN 267 Which was delivered from Toulouse. With the Reg. N512DN, this was the fourth A350-900delivered in 2019.

30th January 2019

the 3rd china A350-900 was delivered from Toulouse. The MSN269 with the Reg. B-305X was the 5th A350 to be delivered in 2019.

January Chart Observation

By the end of January Airbus received Zero Orders of A350XWB and 5 deliveries to operators. By now the number of Airbus A350 Operators have increased to 24.


February 1st, 2019

The first day of the month ushered in the 31st delivery of Singapore Airlines A350 from Toulouse with the Reg. 9V-SHC. This 6th Airbus A350 XWB delivered in 2019.

February 2nd, 2019

Cathay Pacfic A350-900: Cathay Pacific was not left out as the Airline company received its 31st Airbus A350 from Toulouse with the Reg. B-LXI.

This was the seventh delivery in 2019.

Feb -13- 2019

Airbus made here 8th delivery of the year to Finnair as the Airline company received it 13th Airbus A350 from Toulouse.

19th Feb 2019

Philippines Airline Received its 5th Airbus A350. The Aircraft with the Reg. RP-C3507 marks the 9th Airbus A350 delivered in 2019.

27th February 2019

Air China received her 8th Airbus A350 out of the 10 initial orders made by the Airline from Toulouse. Reg. B-307C MSN284 was the 10th Airbus A350 delivered in 2019.

By the end of February, Etihad canceled 42 Airbus A350 orders Orderbook: 852 (-42) Deliveries: 249 (14) Operators: 24


1st March 2019

Delta Airlines received her 13th Airbus A350 from Toulouse. This was the first Airbus A350 to be delivered this month. However, this marks the 11th Long range leader delivered in 2019.

1st March 2019

China Eastern Airlines received her 4th Airbus A350 From Toulouse. MSN 272 was the 12th Aircraft delivered in 2019.

1st March 2019

Qatar Airways also received her 34th Airbus A350 marking the Airline the largest Operator of A350 from January – March 2019. MSN215 (A350-1000) was the 13th A350XWB delivered by Airbus in 2019. Altogether Qatar now possesses 7 A350-1000 Variants in its fleet.


1st March 2019

Vietnam followed suit as the Airline received its 13th Airbus A350. Reg. VN-A898 (MSN279) Marked the 14th Airbus A350XWB Delivered by Airbus. Vietnam was the 2nd operator receiving their 1st A350 on July/2015.  The 14th Vietnam Airlines A350-900 is the last A350 ordered. MSN297.

During this period, The A350s carried out around 35,000 flights & transported nearly 9 million passengers.

1st March 2019

Singapore Airlines received her 32nd Airbus A350 from Toulouse. Singapore Airlines is the Second Largest Airline that operates Airbus A350 after Qatar Airways.  With Reg. 9V-SHD, MSN278 was the 15th Airbus A350 delivered by Airbus in 2019

14th Mar 2019

Cathay Pacific received her 32nd Airbus A350 from Toulouse this is the 10th Airbus A350-1000 received by Cathay Pacific. This marked the 16th Airbus A350XWB Delivered by Airbus in 2019.

16th March 2019

Airbus delivers the 17th Airbus A350 XWB to Lufthansa. Reg. D-AIXM is the 13th Airbus A350 received by Lufthansa. The Airline is the largest airline customer for Airbus aircraft, which includes 45 A350 XWB jetliners on order as of March 2019

19th March 2019

The Major operator of Airbus A350 received the 38th Long-Range Aircraft from Toulouse. MSN214 with the Reg. A7-AMI is the 18th Airbus A350 delivered in 2019.

21st March 2019

LATAM Airlines received her 12th A350 from Toulouse. Reg. A7-AQA is the 19th delivery in 2019. LATAM owns 12 A350-900 but currently only operates 7. Now the Question is,  Where are the other 5?

  • MSN64, 79 and 265 were leased to Qatar. While MSN226 and 245 were leased to Hainan Airlines.

28th March 2019

Envelop joined the league of Airbus A350 Operators as the Airline company received its 1st Airbus A350. Reg. EC-NBO became the 20th Airbus A350 delivered in 2019. The initial A350 XWB operated by Evelop Airlines features a high comfort single class configuration with 432 seats

Mar 30, 2019

Lufthansa on this day received the 14th A350 from Toulouse which marks the 21st A350XWB delivered in 2019.By the end of March, the company received 38 orders and made 8 deliveries In March 2019.

1st April 2019

Asiana Airlines received the 7th A350. MSN 224 with the REG HL8359, is the 22nd A350 delivered in 2019.

3rd April 2019,

The third largest Airbus A350 operator Cathay Pacific received the 33rd Airbus A350 with the Reg. B-LXK from Toulouse. MSN296 was the 23rd deliveries made in 2019.

5th April 2019

The largest Airline in Africa Received the 11th Airbus A350 out of the Airline 22 orders in 2017. With the Reg. ET-AWM, MSN 298 became the 24th Airbus A350 to be delivered in 2019.

April 6- 2019

Singapore Airlines Received the 33rd Airbus A350 out of 67 orders made by the company in 2016. A350 with the Reg. 9V-SHE is the 25th delivery made from Toulouse in 2019.

10- April 2019

China Eastern Airlines Received 5 Airbus A350-900 out of the 20 orders of A350-900 made in 2016. With the Reg. B-307Y, MSN 291 became the 26 delivery the Company made in 2019.

16th April 2019

Asiana Airlines made 20 orders of Airbus A350 in 2008, although they got their first delivery in 2017. The Airline company received its 8th A350 with the Reg. HL8360.

This was the 27th delivery made in 2019 from Toulouse. At this point, Qatar is the greatest operator of Airbus A350 with close to 41 A350S in its fleet followed by Cathay and Singapore Airlines with the total number of 33A Airbus A350 on their fleet respectively


Do you know that Cathay Pacific operates Airbus A350-900 version for 15:00 Hours daily on its route and A350-1000 version for 12 -6 hours daily?


April 26, 2019

Fin Air received its 14th A350 from Toulouse. The Airline company made their initial order way back in 2007 and in 2017 they received their first delivery of Airbus A350. Reg. OH-LWO became the 28th A350XWB delivery made by Airbus in 2019.

April 30, 2019

Iberia received the 4th A350 from Toulouse out of their initial order made in 2013. Iberia out of 20 order, received the 4th Aircraft this April. This mark the 29th A350 delivered in 2019.

3rd May 2019

Philippines Welcomed another A350-900 this is the 6th A350 delivered all the way from Toulouse. This was the initial order made In 2016. Although the Airline company received the first A350 in 2018.

6th & 7th May 2019

The largest operator of A350XWB, Qatar Airways welcomed the 39th A350 from Toulouse. MSN237 is the 31st A350 delivered from Toulouse. This is the 32nd A350-900 the airline welcomed in 2019. Just after that day, Qatar also welcomed another A350-1000 to its fleet marking it the 8th A350- 1000 on the Airline’s fleet. All in total, Qatar received 40 A350XWB from Toulouse.

May 10, 2019

Singapore Airlines at this point beats Cathay Pacific as the company welcomed the 34th A350XWB from Toulouse. This is the 33rd delivery made from the Almighty Toulouse. As it stands currently, Singapore Airlines become the second largest operator of A350XWB.

May 14, 2019

Air China received the 9th Airbus A350XWB from Toulouse out of 10 initial orders made in 2010. This is the 34th Airbus signed out from Toulouse. Bringing unmatched levels of efficiency and comfort, the A350 XWB family is particularly well fitted to the needs of Asia-Pacific airlines. To date, A350 XWB firm orders from carriers in the region represent over a third of total sales for the type.

16th May 2019

the 265th Airbus A350-900 entered Commercial service as Japan Airlines launch its first A350-900 into commercial service. Japan Airlines welcomed her 1st Airbus A350-900 out of the 31 initial orders made in 2013 by the Airline. Meanwhile, the 2nd Japan Airlines A350-900 MSN333 is yet to be completed.

17th May 2019

Vietnam Welcomed the 14th Airbus A350 from Toulouse. This is was the 35th Airbus A350 delivered in 2019.

18th May 2019

Singapore Airlines keeps soaring higher to catch up with Qatar Airways as the airline welcome the 35th Airbus A350 from Toulouse. Airbus made her 36th delivery to Singapore Airlines.

May 22nd, 2019

Sichuan airlines welcomed the 4th A350XWB from Toulouse. this is the 37th Airbus XWB delivered in 2019 from Toulouse.

May 24th, 2019

The giant of African Aviation welcomes another Airbus A350. This is the 38th long range leader delivered by Airbus and this is the 14th XWB the Airline received of recent out of 22 order made in 2009.

29th May 2019

The last of Air China A350XWB was delivered to the Airline Company. Air China initially ordered 10 A350-900s in 2010, they received their first A350 in 2018 now the last of that order have been delivered. This is a great height for Airbus, and this marks the 39th delivery made by Airbus this year.

29th May 2019

Cathay Pacific welcomed the 34th Airbus A350 from Toulouse. From Airbus record, The Aerospace company have made the 40th delivery of Airbus A350 in 2019. MSN306 with Reg. B-LXL is the 12th A350-1000 received by Cathay Pacific. The Airline is the largest operator of A350-1000 currently.

29th May 2019

Iberia made 20 orders and currently received the 5th A350-900 currently with the Reg. EC-NDR. This marks the 41st delivery made by Airbus. However, the Airline is expecting more A350-900s by the end of 2019. Here is the draft as follows.

6th MSN366 Dec/2019

7th MSN397 Mar/2020

8th MSN406 May/2020

9th MSN419 May/2020

By the end of May Airbus received Zero orders and made 13 deliveries


5th June 2019

Qatar Airways A350-1000

Qatar welcomed another A350-1000 into its fleet marking this the 41st A350 to be delivered from Toulouse. This is the 9th A350-1000 that was delivered to Qatar this year 2019. On the Airbus side, this is the 42nd delivery of A350XWB made in 2019.

7th June 2019

China Eastern Airlines received the sixth A350-900 from Toulouse out of the 20 initial orders made in 2016. MSN307 with the Reg. B-308E marked the 44th delivery made in 2019.

7th June 2019

Singapore Airlines received the 36th A350-900 from Toulouse out of 67 orders made in 2006. However, this is the 45th A350XWB to be delivered this Year.

12th June 2019

French bee recently entered the picture not quite long; the French low-cost Airline received its 3rd Airbus A350-900 from Toulouse.  This was a very good step-ahead for Airbus as the marked the 46th A350XWB to be delivered in 2019

13th June 2019

Japan Airlines Takes Delivery of First Airbus A350 from Toulouse. The airline also wants to showcase to the world its high quality of service, and commitment to technological advances in the world of aviation.

The new A350 is expected to enter commercial service in September in the popular Tokyo-Fukuoka route, with Sapporo and Naha flights to follow. This also marked 47th A350XWB, Delivered in 2019

18th June 2019

Asian Airlines received the ninth Airbus A350-XWB from Toulouse. According to the company, the new A350 with the Reg. HL8361 will run on mid- and long-haul routes to cities like Los Angeles, London, Paris, and Singapore. Asiana plans to bring the 10th A350 to the fleet by December and 20 more A350s by 2025 to strengthen its fleet. This is the 48th XWB Delivered by Airbus.

27th June 2019

Qatar the global launch customer of the A350-1000, welcomed the 33rd A350-900 from Airbus out of 76 initial orders from the Airline. The Airbus A350 features state-of-the-art technology, an extra-wide body, and is developed to take your travel experience to the next level by delivering maximum comfort and efficiency. It operated its first A350 commercial service on 15 January 2015.

There are Up to 4,000 entertainment options available on the state-of-the-art Oryx One in-flight entertainment system, with high-definition touch screens and a dual-screen function that allows for simultaneous viewing.


28th June 2019

China Southern Airlines takes delivery of its first Airbus A350-900. This marks the 50th delivery of A350 in 2019 as the Guangzhou-based carrier has taken delivery of its first of 20 A350-900 becoming the newest operator of this latest generation and highly efficient twin-engine, long-range widebody aircraft.

Throughout the Month of June Airbus received zero order but in the same vein, they made 10 deliveries to their customers.  Airbus 1st deliveries to Japan Airlines & China Southern Airlines

This post is subject to updating as we keep updating on the List of Airbus A350 XWB Deliveries In 2019. What do you really think about the XWB Family? Do you really think Airbus A350 is Taking Over the Aviation Industry More than it rival Boeing 787? Please tell us in the comment section. Indeed You need to agree with us that 2019 is one of the best years for A350 XWB. You can Follow Airbus A350 Fan Page Today on Twitter

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