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Etihad planning to start ‘reduced network of scheduled passenger services’ from May 1

Etihad planning to start 'reduced network of scheduled passenger services' from May 1

Etihad Airways says it plans to operate a “reduced network of scheduled passenger services” from May 1, subject to the lifting of UAE government-imposed travel restrictions on passenger travel.

The Gulf carrier has been operating a number of special rescue flights to destinations including Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, London, Melbourne, Tokyo, and Zurich, but this latest move would represent the first scheduled services since the UAE government’s directive to suspend all inbound, outbound and transit passenger flights in the region in late March.

Yet to Give Details

The airline did, however, confirm that its planned launch of flights to Vienna (scheduled for May 22) would be delayed until July 1.

Etihad has not given details of which scheduled routes it will relaunch, but says that the reduced network would operate between May 1 and June 30, “with the aim of gradually returning to a fuller schedule as and when the global situation improves”.

Etihad has been using aircraft downtime as an opportunity to bring forward heavy maintenance checks and is also carrying out a fleet-wide cabin refresh, with all seats being checked individually.

The carrier is also testing new contactless airport technology designed “to help identify medically at-risk travelers”, potentially including those with those with the early stages of COVID-19.


Commenting on the news Tony Douglas, group chief executive officer, Etihad Aviation Group, said:

“The term ‘unprecedented’ is currently the most used in our industry, and the most appropriate. The monumental challenges being faced by all airlines, and our customers, have been beyond measure.

However, we remain cautiously optimistic and will push ahead with our plans to resume normal flying, while striving to better serve and support our customers and our employees.

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“While the intention is to assume a ‘business as usual’ approach to the restart of our operations, the aviation landscape has changed, and how it will look month by month is difficult to predict. This has necessitated a fundamental shift in focus for us.

“However, the cumulative gains achieved by our ongoing transformation, and the unwavering support of our shareholder, has left us in a relatively strong position to withstand any instability. We will pivot on this and act with agility to seize opportunities we may not have previously considered.

“We are implementing a series of network-wide route and fleet efficiencies, while conducting an extensive brand study and trialing new service concepts in our guest experience proposition.

We are also using this time to drive further internal improvements in the efficient use of automation and technology across all areas of the business, while maintaining productivity, creativity and quality.”

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JSfirm.com provides aviation career preparation webinars

JSfirm.com provides aviation career preparation webinars

JSfirm.com is continuing to work at the grassroots level to help sustain the aviation industry, from implementing new job search management features on the website to career preparation webinars. These are general career readiness webinars open to the public, as well as specific webinars scheduled with educational institutions throughout the country.

About Jsfirm

JSfirm.com is the fastest-growing aviation job board with resume database access and has exclusively served the aviation industry for 20 years. It is a free service for job seekers and a fantastic place for aviation companies to advertise jobs and search resumes

Abbey Hutter, executive director of JSfirm.com, said “JSfirm.com has a team that is dedicated to sustaining the industry by providing career presentations to those who would like insight.

Our presentations have information including aspects of interview and resume tips and the best ways to navigate JSfirm.com. As with all of our job seeker benefits, this is a free job search management tool we offer our users.”

Aviation Institute of Maintenance – Orlando Campus Career Services team said, “JSfirm.com presentations are informative and engaging, and our students appreciate the time that is given to them.

We highly recommend bringing JSfirm.com into your educational institution and allowing them to present to your aviation students. They are providing valuable information that the students will be able to use upon graduation and throughout the rest of their careers.”

Coronavirus: How to Secure Aviation Job during the time of the Covid-19 pandemic

Do you now my cousin

People who were able to secure Aviation Job during the coronavirus pandemic say keeping an open mind was key to getting hired.  Here is a story of Mandy Fraser  Who has changed her career from managing 50 flight crew to managing health and safety protocols at Produce Delivered.

Former airline cabin crew manager Mandy Fraser resigned just weeks before the lockdown started and was looking forward to starting a new job in the non-profit sector when that fell through.

“I was about to start a new role and ‘poof’ it just evaporated when the lockdown was announced. I went from the height of excitement to having nothing,” Fraser said.

Fraser continued her job search, contacted recruiters and days later began working in a health and safety role at Produce Delivered, the company supplying produce to meal kit delivery services.

Mandy Fraser has changed her career from managing 50 flight crew to managing health and safety protocols at Produce Delivered.
Mandy Fraser has changed her career from managing 50 flight crew to managing health and safety protocols at Produce Delivered.

“The dichotomy is that while some industries are taking a battering, some are booming and can’t keep up with demand. You might not have experience in that industry, but you could have transferable skills.”

She said as production levels had been “through the roof” the company had hired hundreds of staff, working with recruitment agencies that traditionally did white-collar employment.

“The candidates that stand out are those that kept an open mind.”

Another Testimony from Gilliam

Gilliam said before the coronavirus pandemic people were reluctant to hire her for roles they deemed she was not qualified for.Sandra Gilliam was hired during a pandemic as an essential worker after six months of job hunting.

“I have a law background and was getting many responses about not having industry experience for the types of roles I was looking for. But then there was an urgent need for people and I got picked for a role I might not normally be chosen for.

andra Gilliam was hired during a pandemic as an essential worker after six months of job hunting.
sandra Gilliam was hired during a pandemic as an essential worker after six months of job hunting.


“I’m grateful for it, I’m busy and engaged. Having any job in this pandemic is good for your bank balance but definitely better for your mental health.”

Frog Recruitment director Jane Kennelly said her company had been busy recruiting people into roles within the Ministry of Health’s Covid-19 response team for contact tracing.

Kennelly said the IT, e-commerce, supermarkets, logistics and, education industries were some of the busiest during the lockdown.

“Health and education are undergoing huge change. There will be a huge expansion in these industries,” Kennelley said.

“This pandemic has been an opportunity to try something different and transfer skills across because many of these roles didn’t exist some weeks ago”.

“It’s uncharted waters but it’s exciting as well.” The tourism and aviation industries had been significantly affected by the pandemic.

Statistics by International Air Transport Association

International Air Transport Association, which represented nearly 300 airlines, said New Zealand would lose nearly 130,000 jobs linked to the aviation industry after just three months of coronavirus travel restrictions. Pilots were picking fruit and vegetables or working at supermarkets.

Kennelly said the financial impact of the coronavirus on many businesses affected not just those on the frontline but also those in leadership roles. Her advice to those that were looking for work was to be open to new opportunities and brush up their CVs.

“A word to those chief executives and senior leaders out there to get your ducks in a row and present yourself really well. Sometimes it’s staggering people at the executive level haven’t had this type of pressure so haven’t had to do it.


 Now Is the Time to Brush Your CV

“You’ve got no excuse at the moment to have a shoddy CV. I’d suggest people who feel at risk or made redundant, now is the time to make sure your CV is sharp. Brushing up your CV and Linkedin profile gives you a feeling of control and purpose and audit your successes.

“Upskill during the lockdown, it doesn’t have to be work-related. Keeping that resilience and feeling that there is hope at the end of the tunnel.”