To a big extent, this sounds weird to recommend or let’s say advice anybody to fly with Qantas Airbus A380 in 2020. It’s indeed weird because if we can recall back earlier this year, Qantas made it known to the public on the Airline’s decision. to cancel its long-standing Airbus A380 order originally made way back in 2006.

The Australian Flag Carrier has decided to maintain the current 12 A380 in its fleet. so why then the Sudden change? Does it mean that they have realized that passengers are ready to pay for what it takes just to enjoy more legroom during long -haul flight?

The Qantas A380 Refurbishment Program seems to be the ultimate solution to all and with that, this gives all passengers who feel like traveling on the long haul to wait for the new A380.

Qantas Airbus A380 fleet is set for a mod make-over to keep it flying until 2030
Qantas Airbus A380 fleet is set for a mod make-over to keep it flying until 2030

What You Need to Know First

Qantas became the third commercial Airline to receive A380 after Emirates in 2008. Australia’s flagship airline, Qantas, received the first of 20 Airbus A380s on order, at a ceremony in Toulouse, France. Currently, With 12 A380 in their fleet, they were among the biggest operators of the plane, just behind Lufthansa and Singapore (but miles behind Emirates, of course).

With a change in business, the Airline Company Announced to the public on its final decision to cancel the rest of A380 order which was made way back in 2006 earlier this year. This was a big blow to Airbus. Although most fans were not surprised as the Father of A380 Emirates, was the first to cancel the rest of the Airline’s A380 order in favor of B777 and Airbus A350.

Why then Will Anybody Go for Qantas A380 in 2020 After Such Announcement

Speaking at the IATA AGM, Chief Executive Alan Joyce said they are committed to operating the Airbus for ‘up to ten years.

According to Joyce, “We are reconfiguring the A380s as we speak. It will take a year to reconfigure all twelve of them. We are committed to operating the aircraft for another up to ten years,”

This is indeed a resurrection call for all Airbus A380 Fans all over the world especially for passengers that flies on Qantas A380 routes. Now with the latest development if you are planning for a long -haul flights its 98% probability that you will be flying with the new refurbished Qantas A380s from September 2019 to 2030.

Airbus A380 new make over

Will Qantas order in More A380 Or Will they Just Make Use of the existing 12 A380 on its fleet?

According to Joyce, The Australian Carrier had planned to take delivery of a further eight, to take their fleet to 20 in total. By so doing, Qantas becomes automatically the third-largest operator of Airbus A380 after Singapore and Emirates (which is miles ahead).

When will Qantas begin its Airbus A380 refurbishment?

Qantas CEO Joyce is confident that Qantas is on track to have all the A380s upgraded by the end of 2020, which will also mark the airline’s 100th anniversary.

In a company statement, the CEO said, “This upgrade is a major investment in putting the next generation of seats on the (A380) aircraft as well as more creature comforts to maintain its status as one of the best ways to fly”,

The Real Gist: Is There Going to Be Any Difference Between the Old Qantas Super Jumbo Jet and the Refurbished Makeover?

Dating Back To 2008, When they first received their first Airbus A380 if you run the math, Qantas A380 fleet has an average age of 9.8 years old. if they do indeed operate them for a further decade, this will put them at around 19 years average age.

According to what Qantas Told Australian Business Traveler, The refurbishment will span from tip to tail, with upgrades planned to bring the aging cabins into line with the latest designs, as featured on the carrier’s 787s. From our calculations, this is going to be one hell of extensive modernization.

For sure the new makeover is going to come with a lot of extensive modernizations from the Maintenance check, First Class, Business class, Premium Economy class, Economy class, Improved cabins, and The A380 inflight lounge With all these on-going developments, we believe you are from your own seeing the same reasons why you really need to Try out the new Qantas Super Jumbo Makeover in 2020.

Maintenance Check

Qantas will be the first airline to conduct a maintenance check on all A380 on its fleet. This maintenance check is called a C check. C- check is a three-week overhaul of an aircraft that usually happens every 18-24 months. The A380s will undergo this procedure as part of the refurbishment.

The first A380 to experience the C- check is on hangar now according to Alan Joyce. This shows how committed Qantas is to use their superjumbo jets with these re-configurations, for up to 10 years.”

Prior to this reconfiguration- refurbishment program, Qantas does maintenance of some of its aircraft in Australia, for instance, the A330 heavy maintenance base is in Brisbane. However heavy maintenance on the Qantas A380s, such as the C checks, are done by Lufthansa Technik in Manila.

C- check Maintenance

Improved Cabins: Qantas’ new Airbus A380 first-class suites

Generally, passengers believed that all A380 cabins need to be refreshed. However, when it comes to first-class suites, we think is best to advise passengers not to expect much regarding the Qantas First class suites.  The first-class suites will be slightly Tweaked, the cabin colors will get a refresh to be more aligned with the look in the latest Qantas lounges.

Qantas A380 First class suites remains one of the among the best 'open suites' in the sky

The cushions will be improved in each suite and the IFE screens replaced. The suites will not have sliding doors. There’s basically nothing wrong with Marc Newson’s bespoke design. Which Australian Business Traveler rates among the best of the ‘open’ first-class suites without sliding privacy doors.

Although A larger HD video screen will replace the current 17-inch panels. By the end of the refurbishment program, Qantas A380 First class suites will still look the same but this time, fresher and nicer cabins.

Improved Cabins: Qantas’ new Airbus A380 Business class seats

This is where the real modernization happens as the superb business suites you see on the Qantas 787s that fly the nonstop route between Heathrow and Perth are being installed. The reconfiguration will also see a slight increase in the number of business class seats, from 64 in the current A380s to 70 in the new makeover.

Qantas A380 Business class

According to Australian Business Traveler, The prize spot for most frequent travelers will be the first five rows of business class, which will sit in their own small cabin with a more exclusive vibe; behind this, and separated by the galley kitchen and toilets, will be the larger main cabin with 50 seats across 13 rows.

Improved Cabins: Qantas’ new Airbus A380 Premium Economy class seats

Qantas new a380 premium Economy Seats will feature in the same 2-3-2 layout and seat passengers see today on Qantas 787 aircraft. These seats are 10% wider than the current A380 premium economy seats.

The seats themselves are quite the leap for business travelers on a budget with a comfortable cradle design, some handy storage space, USB and shared AC power sockets, improved IFE, And more especially Faster Wi-Fi for all.

The New Refurbished A380 Premium Economy class

Part of the A380 refresh will see the upper deck become an all-premium affair of business class and premium economy, with almost a third more premium seating than the current layout, Alan Joyce tells Australian Business Traveler.

“It’s going to have 30% more premium seats – new business class product, new premium economy product – and that shows you how well the premium market is going.”

What About Economy Seats on the New A380?

Qantas A380 Economy Seats
Qantas A380 Economy Seats

From the look of things, there will be no or less change for economy travelers on Qantas new A380. Qantas is not ready to install the same new seat passengers see on 787. Instead, they’ll have to make do with new seat cushions and what Qantas broadly refers to as “improved inflight entertainment”, which we expect will mean better seatback screens.

What Passengers Won’t See on The New Qantas A380

Passengers at the premium Economy class won’t have to experience more legroom than their counterparts in 787.

My Own Thoughts….

I really don’t know how to summarize what Qantas is about to do right now. If you take this from another angle it totally looks as if Qantas is trying to re-design their 12 A380s to look friendlier just like their Boeing 787. To me, over here this looks like as if Qantas just wants to copy almost all the 787 design.

The whole picture looks so clear as Qantas is about to upgrade the A380’s business class and premium economy seats to the latest designs featured on its Boeing 787 Dreamliner, boost the number of those seats in a reconfigured ‘all-premium’ upper deck and add two business lounge nooks at the front of the upper deck.

Qantas Boeing 787 Dreamliner

With the latest development so far, this poses Boeing 787 as one of the friendliest Aircraft in the world. However, most of Qantas customers believe there is a need for a total update on all A380 cabins

The New Qantas A380 Routes

Qantas flies its A380s on the popular trans-Pacific routes across to Los Angeles and Dallas, up to Hong Kong, and to London via Singapore.


Passengers are ready to spend more just to enjoy comfortability during traveling on a long haul. Therefore, the large business and premium economy cabins make sense. This is where Qantas comes in to offer something extra-ordinary with the new refurbished A380s.

The refurbishment program will feature in more seating capacity, fresher cabins and lounges. This is what the passengers wanted. With the first comprehensive makeover of the Qantas A380s underway, Qantas is ready to meet with the demands of its customers. Qantas first-class suites still remain among the best ‘open suites’ in the sky

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