Consider an aircraft to be overdue, initiate the procedures stated in this section and issue an ALNOT when neither communications nor radar contact can be established and 30 minutes have passed since:

NOTE- The procedures in this section also apply to an aircraft referred to as “missing” or “unreported.”

What is QALQ (Code asking if Transmit to departure tie-in FSS communications check

Aircraft has landed or FSS where flight plan is on file returned to the station)

The destination station transmits a QALQ message to the departure station after the

initial communication check fails to locate the aircraft. Upon receipt of the QALQ inquiry,

the departure station shall check locally for any information about the aircraft and take

the following action:

If the aircraft is located, notify the destination station.

If unable to locate the aircraft, send all additional information to the destination

Station, including any verbal or written remarks made by the pilot that may be


If the aircraft is located, the destination station shall transmit a cancellation message.


What is ALNOT (Alert Notice)?

ALNOT t is “a request originated by a flight service station (FSS) or an air route traffic control center (ARTCC) for an extensive communication search for overdue, unreported, or missing aircraft,” explains the Aeronautical Information Manual. Conduct a communications search of those flight plan area airfields, which fall within ALNOT search areas and were not contacted during an INREQ search.

The ALNOT will be issued at the end of the INREQ or when the estimated time that the missing aircraft’s fuel would be exhausted or when there is serious concern regarding the safety of the aircraft and its occupant


What is INREQ (Information Request)?

it is done within 30 minutes after the aircraft is overdue which destination airfield allowed to send INREQ. It is send to the departure airfield, FSS, and the Air Route Traffic Control Centers along the route of flight .

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