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Top 11 FAQs On Australian National Airline College You Need To Know

Selecting a flight school in Australia can be pretty hard if you ask is one of the hard decision to make as many of these flight schools pose to be the best than their counterparts.

Meeting with some students who said that when it comes choosing a flight school,” it’s pretty a hard decision to make. You won’t blame them because everyone wants the best.



Top 11 FAQs On Australian National Airline College means one thing which is, Frequently Asked Questions about Australian National Airline College.

Australian National Airline College has been in existence for about 28 years and still counting. Building and establishing young minds, in achieving their dreams of flying. ANAC has been assisting International Students to meet their Airline Career Goals since 1990.

Top 11 FAQs On Australian National Airline College is an article published to guide just one set of people and maybe you might be in that category

Aviation Students

Those who choose Piloting as a career choice, who have that unique passion to fly. It is therefore very important you choose the right school to achieve your dreams.

Providing a high level of training and customer service is important to us and nothing makes us happier and more proud than seeing our graduates succeed. This is where ANAC comes in.

The bright part of the story is that most of ANAC graduates are currently flying for many commercial airlines with a well-sound safe record.

No flights school can be said to be perfect if you ask veterans, each got one problem or one challenge to face. But how will you rate a school that has been in existence for about 28 years?

Top 11 FAQs On Australian National Airline College tends to solve many questions running across the minds of lots of students. Many areas are touched such as

  1. The ANAC History
  2. Courses
  3. International Recognition
  4. Visa
  5. Enrollments forms
  6. Price quotes and so many others to mention

Here are top 11 FAQs on Australian National Airline College you need to know before you consider applying

#1 The History

ANAC has been training both local and international students for about 28 years now. A mission started since 1990 with well documented safe records.

ANAC is One of the best flying school in Australia is highly Certified & provides internationally recognized training. Australian National Airline College was founded in 1990.

ANAC is located at Moorabbin Airport, the main training airport in Melbourne with all the facilities needed for flight training. ANAC also have a regional base at Bendigo, 90 minutes northwest of Melbourne.

Bendigo provides a good option with some cost savings. Other Aviation Firms very close to ANAC are; SOAR Aviation which is also in Moorabbin Airport, Royal Victorian Aero club, Oasis Flight Training, and Skylines Aviation Supply.

But one thing is clear here, ANAC Stand out to be the best. ANAC also trains Airline cadet students at Mangalore Airport, just over an hour north of Melbourne.



#2 Legal Approve

What do you think about aviation school that has been in existence for 28 years? Australian National Airline College is legally approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority CASA to deliver Part 142 training. Part 142 is for schools offering integrated and multi-crew pilot flight training and recurrent checking and training.

  • CASA Approved Testing Officer on staff
  • CRICOS approved for International Student training
  • A Registered Training Organization (RTO) with approval to deliver Nationally Recognized Training under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF)


Earlier this year,  received the Chinese Civil Aviation Authority (CAAC) approval to commence training of cadets from ab initio right through to Commercial Pilot License, Multi Engine Instrument Rating and High-performance Aircraft training on the twin turboprop King Airs.

#3 International Recognition

As one of the best Flight school with one of the safest records, ACAN is widely recognized by so many International Aviation Bodies and so many commercial Pilots from different countries. ACAN courses are widely recognized internationally.

Meeting the ICAO standards and can be easily connected easily in most countries. ANAC has been assisting International students to meet their Aviation Career goals since 1990.

ANAC is currently working with and training for China Southern Airlines. Based in Guangzhou and with a fleet of 545 aircraft, it is the world’s sixth-largest airline measured by passengers carried and Asia’s largest airline in fleet size, revenue and passengers carried. China Southern operates more than 2,000 flights to 208 destinations daily.


#5 Age Requirement

You have to be 18 years of age at the time you commence training with


#6 What do I need to be eligible for direct entry to Australian National Airline College?

To be eligible for direct entry to Australian National Airline College you must Be able to pass an Aviation Medical, have a good standard of English, be 18 years of age and meet visa requirements.


#7 What Are the Courses Offered At ANAC?

Australian National Airline College offers a number of pilot training courses to prepare students for a professional Airline Career or for recreational flying lessons in Australia. ANAC meets the requirements and the school looks forward to continuing to provide high-quality flight training to our students under the new 142 system.

Courses offered are at ANAC 

Commercial Pilot License with Multi-Engine Endorsement

This pilot training course includes the Recreational Pilot License and allows you to work and fly under Visual Flight Rules. This is suitable for some jobs however most employers will need you to have an Instrument Rating

Course Duration = 60 weeks.

Course Fee = AUD$64,650 (Including GST as applicable and all service fees) download fees here


Multi-Engine Instrument Rating

Includes a Single Engine Instrument leading, leading to qualifications outlined

Course Duration = 24 weeks.

For an outline of qualifications issued open here Diploma Aviation (Instrument) Single

Course Fee = AUD$ 17,020 (Including GST and all service fees)

Note: Fees are subject to change. Please confirm at the time of your enrolment. 

Diploma of Aviation (Instructor)

You can commence this course if you have a Commercial Pilot Licence. An outline of qualification issued available here.


Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence-Aeroplane):

These pilot training courses include Recreational Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, and Multi-Engine Endorsement & Multi Engine Instrument Rating. These are our most popular courses with overseas students wishing to prepare themselves for an airline career and provide the minimum qualifications required by most airlines.

Course Duration: 84 weeks = 1 year six months

Course Fee: AUD $87,990 (Including GST as applicable and all service fees)

For More Information on Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot License- Airplane) click here

Private Pilot License

The PPL is suitable for recreational flying. You can carry passengers and fly any aircraft that you are endorsed on but you cannot be paid to fly which is why you need the CPL.

Course Duration = 20 weeks.

Course Fee = AUD$ 28,835

Note: Fees are subject to change. Please confirm at the time of your enrolment.

For more details on ANCA Course please check this out



8# Enrollment Requirements

How to enroll in ANAC is very simple if you follow the instructions properly. However their tons of forms you need to fill in the website


9#What about Visa Application

Meet the requirements of the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection for the issuance of a student visa.

In summary, their main requirements are:


  1. Financial: you need to show you have sufficient funds for the course fees, travel to and from Australia and living expenses.
  2. A minimum education equivalent to Australian Year 11 (the second last year of High School)

iii. That you are a genuine student. That is, not someone coming with the purpose of immigrating rather than studying. For details about applying for a student visa, please check out here

#10 How Many Aircrafts

ANAC operates 12-25 aircraft depending on student numbers. There is always an aircraft available when you need one. Providing a high level of training and customer service is important to the Australian best Aviation College and nothing makes them happier and more proud than seeing their graduates succeed.

#11 What Students Need to Know about Melbourne

Melbourne is a great place to live and studies with easy access to food from all over the world and a big calendar of sporting and cultural events. ANAC provide full support during your enrolment/visa application process and offer assistance with accommodation and settling into the school and living in Melbourne.


Australia is a big country with vast distances between many places, thus aviation has become an important part of Australian society allowing people and goods to move easily between places that are far away and often inaccessible in the wet season in the north of Australia. Check out 10 best places in Australia

This necessity means that Australian has both a strong airline industry but also a large General Aviation industry that provides charter services, flight training, flights for tourists

If you decide to undertake your flight training in Australia, FlyMags is currently recommending Australia National Airline College. Check out Eagle Air In South Africa which is one of the top best-recommended flight school in Pretoria South Africa

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