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Top Things you should know before Coming To Eagle Air South Africa

The Top 11 Things you should know before coming to Eagle Air Academy is more like an insight into what you are to expect when coming to Eagle Air South Africa. For every mission, there is a vision and for every institution, there is a mission.

Not like any other flight school you know, there are exclusive features about Eagle Air South Africa you should know. Before picking up or making your choices when it comes to flight schools there things that come to your minds

Choosing a flight school can be real though, especially when it comes to making the right decision on a flight school you just saw online. On this article which is directed on Top 11 things, you should know before coming to Eagle air South Africa.

it’s an article specifically for all who wants to gain admission into our great citadel of flying or for our young friends who want to visit Eagle Air Academy soon. Welcome to South Africa Check out other flight schools in South Africa

There are only two categories of people that come to Eagle air which are;

  • Aspiring Students-Admitted students
  • A tourist who came to view or have a feeling of what flying is all about

What occurred recently?

The last post we published about Eagle air as one of the best school in South Africa we kept entertaining questions like

  • Is eagle air a flight school or an airline?
  • Who are the founders of eagle air?
  • Where is eagle air located?
  • Are They Experienced
  • What Are Their Services
  • What is the cost for CPL, PPL?
  • Do they have a flight simulator?
  • How about Their Resources and Equipment?

Now you if you check out above, you will observe and be a witness that there are many WHATS, WHO AND HOW to answer and to crown it all these clients seriously need answers so that’s the main reason behind this article. To recommend you to the right source that’s what Flymags stands for from day 1

Latest Gossip

Before I go further on top 11 things you should know before coming to eagle air here Is the latest opportunity that is on the point you can grab maybe this might see you achieving your dreams to be a pilot. From 8th OCT – 30TH NOV 2018.

Good morning flyers

Posted by Fly Zulu on Sunday, October 21, 2018

Here Are the CoreTop 11 Things you should know before Coming to Eagle Air

1. Is Eagle air a flight school or an airline?

Anybody that steps into eagle air academy first has one thing in mind and that is the History behind the great flight academy. so here is what you should know

TR Eagle Air (Pty) Ltd has been in operation as an elite flight school for more than 11

years and has as such been registered as an Aircraft Training Organization with the

South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) Here is a brief rundown about eagle air. I believe this clears the curiosity on air whether Eagle Air is a flight school or a commercial airline company.

 2. Who are the founders of Eagle air?

This is the second question I encountered last month so here is the answer to all that. The founders of Eagle Air Academy are not mere pilots. I don’t mean they are spirits, what am trying to point out the founders are veterans.

Eagle Air is owned by Percy Rudman, Chih-Jen Tseng, Iemei Tseng, and Brandon


 3. Where is Eagle air located?

Pretoria South Africa that’s the location of our great flight academy. Eagle Air is located at Wonderboom National Airport Pretoria South Africa. AirLink also operates at this Airport too.

 4. Are They Experienced?

Eagle Air South Africa

On Oct 17th, 2018, eagle air celebrated Heinrich Theron who successfully completed his Initial Multi IF Commercial Pilot’s License. Which that was a fantastic achievement! What am I trying to say here? Eagle air is build up with quality instructors you cannot find anywhere in South Africa. So yes they are experienced and very capable of handling your fears.

 5. What are the courses offered at Eagle Air Academy

Welcome to Eagle Air

I tried giving that answer on my previous post, which I titled “Eagle Air: Best Aviation School In Pretoria South Africa You don’t know”. But here is a new break down of courses offered at Eagle Air. you can as well check the  company’s website

Private Pilot’s Licence

Night Rating

Instrument Rating

Commercial Pilot’s Licence

Multi-Engine Rating

Flight Instructors Rating

Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence

Radio Licence

Jet Rating

First Aid & Fire Fighting

Dangerous Goods

Crew Resource Management

 6. What Are the Requirements to become a pilot at Eagle Air

The first time someone asked me that question on my Instagram page, I took time in providing the right answer to that. Do you want to know why?  I hate false news and I love my clients even though I have not seen them. Its FlyMags duty to serve and to provide you with the right source

Requirement terms are one of the Things you should know before Coming to Eagle Air.


There is a specific requirement you should know before coming to any flight school In South Africa

  • Students must be at least 17 years old.
  • Students must be eligible to live in South Africa. (Eagle air is located in South Africa)
  • International students must have a study VISA.
  • The student must be proficient in English. ( for easy communication)
  • Students must have a valid ID or Passport.
  • Students must pass an Aviation Medical Exam.
  • Please note, Eagle Air has no academic requirements.
  • Mathematics, Physical Science and Geography will be a great benefit – but this is NOT COMPULSORY. (Gracias!!! A lot have been waiting to hear that)


 7. Students Accommodation?

This came up on my last online conference with an aspiring student last week. Nobody wants to apply for a school that cannot provide accommodation for its students especially for those from other countries especially for those who might not know much about South Africa i.e where Eagle air is located.

Now here is what you need to know on this particular issue, at Wonderboom Airport – where Eagle Air is situated, the academy is highly surrounded with well-suited apartments so what Eagle air does is this, eagle air guides you in getting apartments which are well suited for you.

Another advantage of coming to eagle air is that Eagle Air provides a student bus that picks up and drops off at student apartments each day. Although this is a paid- service that ensures ultimate convenience.

 8. Life in Pretoria South Africa

Pretoria is situated in the Gauteng province, one of the country’s richest ones. Calmer, slightly balmier than its neighboring city, Johannesburg, Pretoria has showcased itself with a fierce burst of breathtaking Jacaranda trees, giving Pretoria its nickname, Jacaranda City. It is one the best place for tourism you can add on your bucket list.

 9. What is the cost for CPL&PPL

What flies an aircraft is money this is for anybody thinking you can come to Eagle air for free. Yes, there are prices for each career and they are very affordable. You Pay in Rands (local currency).

Eagle Air operates a “pay as you fly” system. This means an initial deposit of not less than

R35 000.00 is required to get you started. As soon as your funds are low

Eagle Air would notify you timeously to deposit further funds in order to continue your

Training.  So A non-refundable deposit in the amount of R5 000.00 is required for administration and visa costs.

 10. What about Resources & Equipment

And here she is. Our new State-of-the-art Flight Simulator. A massive thank you to the Fly Media team for this video. 😎✈️ This device is an FNPT 2 device with RNAV and MCC capabilities and includes 4 categories of aircraft being: Piper Warrior, Piper Arrow 3, Piper Seneca 3 and last but not least Cessna 425 Turbine. All is welcome.

Posted by Eagle Air – PTYLtd on Friday, October 26, 2018

Of recent, Eagle’s Air FNTP 2 Flight Device with RNAV and MCC was approved by the SACAA. This device has 4 modules as follows:

1.Piper Warrior,

2.Piper Arrow 3,

3.Piper Seneca 3,

4.Cessna 425 Turbine.

Eagle Air got the best facilities you can imagine and well and active aircraft.

Fixed-wing fleet:

Eagle Air fleet South Africa

  • 6 x Cessna 172
  • 5 x Cherokee 180
  • 1 x Piper Arrow II
  • 1 x Piper Arrow III
  • 3 x Seneca II
  • 1 x Cessna 402
  • One x Barron 55
  • Single x Cessna Citation 500 Jet

Rotary Fleet:

  • 4 x Robinson 22
  • 4 x Robinson 44
  • 2 x Squirrels
  • 1 x Augusta 109

Check more about Eagle Air Resource and Facilities On their main website.

11. What about the Enrollment Form

Here is a brief sample of how Eagle’s Air enrollment Form looks like click to download.

Why You Should Choose Eagle Air

Eagle is the best place to be no doubt; the great flying citadel got all you need to be a pilot. One family working together to see that you realize your dreams.

Eagle Air has quality taste when it comes to their Aircraft selection because the firm has a full set of light spot aircraft ranging from Cessna to Piper Cherokee. Moreover, the variety of aircraft available at Eagle Air gives students the edge in the aviation community. Check Out Flight Schools in South Africa

If you get well with my top 11 things you should know about eagle air then you are really to go. contact us anytime for inquiries as we ready to serve. Here are things You Need to Consider before choosing a Flight school

Eagle is about to launch a new flight simulator stay connected to know about the latest updates at Eagle Air Academy

Here is a post from one of the students of Eagle Air

“When we join an air school, it is not all about the good landings nor the good flying skills. What makes a good air school is a good family that is always there for you whether you passing through a tough time or doing great… I Khumbo the Nkunika would love to invite you to EAGLE AIR FLIGHT SCHOOL… It might not the best but it surely produces exquisite pilots… Thank you very much”

FlyMags today, is joining the host of other certified pilots from eagle air to proudly invite you to eagle air. Our Facebook Page is open to entertaining questions from all parts of the world. We urge you to rate and comment if you have any prior experience or challenges. Remember FlyMags is always ready to help. Join us on Twitter

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