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Evaluating  Airline’s Safe Records Plays A Big Role When it comes to Customers Booking their Flight Tickets

Most people believed that Airline safe records might not be a deciding factor for you as a customer to book your flight tickets.

That’s so very wrong taking a look at what the aviation sector has suffered from Jan 1st, 2018. A lot of Air crash and many lives were wasted; the most heart-breaking Air crash was the Lion Air crash.

With all these sad incidents experienced in 2018, you will agree that evaluating Airline’s safe records before booking any flight tickets, will now be number one passenger’s Priority.

Due to these bad incidents, FlyMags Recommends Etihad Airways for its Customers  you are free to ask us why

Recently, one of the top-rated Aviation Team reviewed close to 400 Commercial Airlines around the Globe. Although, they did not in any way came up with that title “SAFE.” But they came up with something more welcoming for you as a customer to look up to before Booking for your Travels.

Each Airline on the list scored far-most high during the review. The majority of these top companies are based in either Asia or Europe, with the United States having just two make the list.

The editorial team at is one of the world’s most experienced with almost 50 international and national awards. They have also authored or co-authored more than 28 industry books.

For example, Airlines like Etihad can boast of good safe records same with Emirates and these Airlines have been flying close to 2 million seats weekly around the Globe.

Here Are Top 20 Safe Airlines to book Your Flight Tickets in 2019 so get ready

 The United States

Two Airlines made it to the top in the United States and that’s the Seattle-based Alaska Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines. Alaska Airlines has not recorded a crash-related fatality since 2000. The last Air crash was the Alaska Airlines Flight 261 which crashed on Jan 31st, 2000 killing everyone on board.

Hawaiians Record seems great Hawaiian Airlines has had zero in the company’s 89-year history.

European Airlines

With the United States having 2 out our recommended airlines where you book your flight tickets considering their safety records, 7 European Airlines made to the top according to Airline and Business Insider,  they were British Airways, Finnair, KLM, Lufthansa, Scandinavian Airlines, Swiss International Air Lines, and Virgin Atlantic all it to the top…

Middle East

The big boys in the Middle East regions were not left out on this annual review.  Airlines in the Middle East that showed up on the top list were Emirates, Etihad Airways, and Royal Jordanian led the pack for the region. Both Emirates and Etihad Airways are based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Emirates have only lost one aircraft since its launch more than three decades ago, and Etihad and Royal Jordanian also boast similar safety records.

Etihad is one of the safest Airline you can think, Evaluate and choose for your Travels. We Keep Recommending Our Customers to Etihad Airways

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Asian Airlines

The largest continent on the globe, here are the airline that made it to the top which you can comfortably book your flight tickets based on the Airline’s Safe Records.

All Nippon Airways

The last crash incident was on 21st June 1995 which was flight  857

Cathay Pacific Airways

Cathay Pacific Airways LAST CRASH INCIDENTS WAS ON 2010 April 13 and that was flight 780 


The 15th safest airline in the world since its establishment no with no hull losses, accidents, or fatalities since its establishment.

Japan Airlines

On June 8, 1997, Japan Airlines Flight 706 operated by a McDonnell Douglas MD-11 from Hong Kong to Nagoya. As the aircraft was descending through approx. 17,000 ft (5,200 m) over the Shima Peninsula for an approach to Nagoya, it experienced abrupt and abnormal altitude changes, which injured five passengers and seven crew members.

Singapore Airlines

The first and only crash incidents on Singapore Airlines was on 31st October 2000 Flight 006.

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Two Japan-based airlines made it to the top which was All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines. For Australia, carriers Qantas and Virgin Australia were both named on the list. Cathay Pacific is headquartered in Hong Kong, EVA Air is Taiwanese, and Singapore Airlines is from Singapore.

Something Unfortunate was Observed

It was so unfortunate that no African Airlines meet up to the first 20 Airlines with good safety records. Not just only African Airlines, South American Airlines too.

Although some passengers may be hesitant about boarding commercial flights from foreign countries, especially after the Lion Air crash in 2018, aviation safety databases like Aviation Safety Network and airline reviews on sites like are excellent resources for nervous passengers who want to ensure their carrier is safety compliant.

Qatar Airways also didn’t meet up to the top list though but they still have their grounds in the Middle East.


According to Geoffrey Thomas, Editor-in-Chief for he said  “With travel today taking passengers to every corner of the globe, with hundreds of airlines to choose from and a wide variety of standards from one airline to another, it is essential that passengers get the right information about the safety ratings as well as product”

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