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The Top 5 Beautiful Destinations you have to check out with your cheap flight Tickets came as a response to Skyscanner 2019 report which pointed out there are reliable provisions of cheap flights in January, February, and August.

So with this report which was also backed by Travel Booking statistics given By Travel Payout, there Quite Top 5 Beautiful Destinations you have to check out with your cheap flight Tickets


Flight fares to travel to France has been dropping so massively with a couple of days. Flight fares to Barcelona and Madrid are quite incredible. just in the past couple days, we’ve seen fares from Philadelphian to Barcelona or Madrid for $252 round trip; I’ve never seen fares as cheap as they have been in kind of the last six to eight months or so, and I expect that to continue.

Norwegian, for instance, has non-stop flights to Spain and a lot of the legacy airlines–not just Delta and United–but also some of the European ones like Iberia and elsewhere are starting to really kind of increase their frequency on flights to Spain, so it’s somewhere I’m really kind of excited for in 2019–both an incredible place to visit and to be able to do so for under $300 for airfare–that’s a real treat.”

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If you’re looking to get back to Africa, or maybe you’re a first-timer Travel Payout got the place for you.

Southwest Airlines is any day now about to get certification to start flying to Hawaii, and so a lot of the airlines that already do fly to Hawaii–United, Delta, Alaska–are really trying to drop their fares to try to get as much market share as they can before Southwest begins their flights. because typically when Southwest enters a new market, they tend to put a lot of downward pressure on the fares

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Morocco is an incredible country to explore, just seeing the mix of the culture there, the food’s amazing, still really cheap, and the major Morocco airline called Royal Air Maroc they just recently launched nonstop flights from both New York and DC;

I believe those are to Casablanca…non-stop flights they’re on fancy new 787 Dreamliner planes, plus Royal Air Maroc, right at the end of 2018, joined the One World Airline Alliance, so that’s American Airlines, British Airways, carriers like that. Royal Air Maroc is one the best African Airlines nominated by FlyMags

They’re now in an alliance together, so not only is it a lot easier to earn miles, it’s a lot easier to redeem miles for reward flights to Morocco if you’ve got elite status…makes it a lot easier, especially for folks out of Philly and DC,” said Keyes.


If your adventurous spirit takes you to Asia, flights are getting cheaper to China.

“It’s typically been cheapest to fly into places like Beijing and Shanghai, and it’s been not terribly expensive to fly there in general, but nowadays with more and more Chinese airlines and Etihad Airways are coming up and they’re giving a ton of new sort of secondary routes.

Do you Know it’s much easier to find flights for as little as $350-$400 to places like Sichuan–where there’s amazing panda sanctuary–places like Chengdu, even over towards the Tibet area you’re seeing it a lot kind of in the mid-$400s round trip, whereas it used to cost $700-$800,” said Keyes.

And while not necessarily cheap, CNN Travel listed Liechtenstein–Allan Loudell’s dream vacation as one of the top travel destinations in 2019.

China’s starting to expand the number of cities where you can get an extended transit visa…typically it’s a little bit of a laborious process getting a visa to China, but there’s a bunch of new cities where you can essentially transit, have a layover for up to 144 hours–six days–without having to get a visa.


The Asian Country is one most popular country in the world which no OTA can assure you to be less expensive when it comes to flight Booking. Japan is super in demand, typically one of the most expensive places to fly to in Asia. However, they’ve started to come down a bit, so we’re seeing somewhat regularly in the kind of $600s-ish round trip.

This is because the price of the fuel is getting lower by the day. Some new low-cost airlines are starting to pop up flying between Asia and the U.S.

Here is a Tip: if you can’t score a cheap flight to Japan, try flying to Beijing and then hop over to Japan from there for significant savings.


It’s hard to say you can check out cheap fares with the country like Australia, to be honest with you. Australia has been one of the most expensive places to fly to in the U.S. Even a couple years ago you would almost never would see a flight from anywhere in the U.S. to Australia for less than $1,200 round trip

nowadays we’re seeing, especially in the last few months, seeing them regularly drop to the $600s round trip–not just from LA and San Francisco–but even from places like New York….from Philly to Brisbane for $675, this is all round trip and everything; Philly to Melbourne for $659, to Sydney  $688

It was shocking when one of our online friends confirmed this while using His Preferred Online Travel Agent.

Since January it happens that a lot of Airlines now apply on Australian Routes, and to crown it all fuel prices are getting low.

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