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Here is the question the hit my mailbox last night, “Hello FlyMags, would you recommend other online bachelor’s degree in aviation besides Liberty University, would like to get my ratings within a year or two.

Here is what we believe you are asking yourself right now, why did the sender point out liberty University? Does it mean that Liberty University is not capable of offering the best or the standard online bachelor’s degree in aviation?

What if the sender is looking for a total rundown on all the aviation colleges that offers an online degree in Aviation? This is where FlyMags comes in to give you a total run-down on top Aviation colleges that offer online bachelor’s degrees in aviation.

An online aviation degree provides the training needed to pursue a career as a pilot, mechanic, or air traffic controller. The essential qualities of aviation professionals include organizational and problem–solving skills, quick reflexes, and the ability to observe and communicate under pressure.

Hold on a sec…

Before Choosing an Online Program in Aviation

One thing about choosing an online program in aviation is that A bachelor’s degree in aviation equips students with the background knowledge and training needed to earn several Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certifications.

Understand that this is For aspiring pilots and professionals seeking leadership positions in airports, flight schools, and aviation mechanic training programs, a bachelor’s in aviation science will bring you a step closer to landing a career in the lucrative aviation industry.

This degree emphasizes practical training in flight and ground control. Students also acquire foundational knowledge of aviation law, airport management, and FAA regulations. An online aviation degree is generally 120 credits and includes coursework in aircraft performance, human factors, and safety. Most programs emphasize training in group communication

Knowledge to fly, direct, and design aircraft

Graduates of a bachelor’s in aviation science possess the knowledge to fly, direct, and design aircraft. Students who desire more in-depth training in an area often have the option to pursue a concentration.

Examples of concentrations commonly offered through aviation programs include aviation safety, aviation security, and airport maintenance management. Most aviation programs conclude with a capstone course that requires students to develop solutions to problems in areas such as international safety or airport technology.


Top Aviation offers an online bachelor’s degree in aviation in 2019.


1. Liberty University

Liberty University-flymags

Yeah let’s start with Liberty university I know you are shocked, but the college is ranked in the top 5 of 2,100+ online colleges and universities for academic quality, affordability, and accessibility.

Aside from offering a bachelor’s degree in aviation Liberty university also offers online courses for master’s degrees, doctoral degrees, and Transfer students.  All you need to click the request information and request for information on a specific online course of your choice.


2. Everglades University.

Everglades University.- flymags

The second is Everglades University, the school is formerly known as the American Flyers College, is a private non-profit university in Florida. Everglades offers bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in Aviation, both online and on-campus. The main campus is in Boca Raton, with additional branches located in other parts of Florida.

The program requires 42 upper-division credits in areas such as airline management, corporate aviation operations, and labor relations. Students can choose to complete 21 credits of interdisciplinary studies or to earn 21 credits in specialized courses, such as air cargo, federal regulations, and international business.

Before we recommend the top online aviation, Here is What we did

We selected the degree programs based on the quality of the program and range of courses provided, as well as school awards, rankings, and reputation.

Online learners also have the option to pursue one of six 18–credit concentrations: aviation safety, flight operations, management, aviation maintenance management, aviation operations management, and safety.

Students can complete the program entirely online or in a hybrid format. EU awards credit for prior aviation experience, military training, and FAA certifications.


3. California Coast University

California Coast University- flymags

This is another university based in Santa Ana, California. It is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission. California Coast University also Offers an Online bachelor’s degree in aviation. This is one of the most recommended universities in the United States.

The University offers accredited online degree and certificate programs designed for students whose geographic, professional, or personal time commitments keep them from completing their education in traditional on-campus programs.

4. LeTourneau University

LeTourneau Universit- flymags

 This is an interdenominational Christian university, based in Longview, Texas, LETU offers online aviation degree programs in aviation science and aviation management. For the past six years, the National Intercollegiate Flying Association has designated LETU’s aviation programs as the best in the nation aside from Liberty University.

The aviation science program requires courses in aviation management, aviation safety factors, financial analysis, and business ethics. Graduates often pursue careers in airport management, aircraft maintenance management, and aviation operations coordination.

The aviation management program includes courses in aviation human factors, aviation safety, airport operations and management, and air transportation systems. Students in this program can choose to pursue a concentration in maintenance, air traffic control, or professional piloting, though only the maintenance concentration is available online. Many graduates pursue careers in airline operations, airport operations, and maintenance management.


5. Eastern New Mexico University

Eastern New Mexico University

ENMU is in Portales, ENMU offers two bachelor’s degrees in aviation science: a Bachelor of Science in aviation science and a bachelor’s of applied arts and science (BAAS) in aviation science.

Students take a general education assessment after completing 55 to 75 hours. Students must maintain a GPA of 2.0 or better. All program requirements are available fully online. Applicants to the BAAS program must have aviation industry experience, an FAA certificate or license, or at least 30 transfer credits.

Each program requires 120 semester hours, including 38 general education hours, 28 major hours, and 19 hours of required complementary courses. Students customize the curriculum through electives. Students in both programs complete a senior seminar and core coursework in economics, computer skills, spreadsheets and data analysis, and statistical method


6. Utah Valley University

Utah Valley University-flymags

Not like other universities that offer online bachelor’s degrees in Aviation, Utah Valley University is a public university in Orem, Utah. UVU offers an online Master’s, Bachelor’s, and associate degrees in aviation. UVU is a Great school, nice flying and much cheaper than others you may find in Florida.


7. Thomas Edison State University

Thomas Edison State University

Popularly known as TESU, the university offers The Bachelor of Science (BS) degree with an area of study in Aviation Flight Technology is limited to professionally licensed commercial pilots who hold a minimum of Commercial and Instrument ratings (Airline Transport Pilot recommended). Equivalent military training may also be considered. A total of 18 Area of Study credits must be from 300/400 level courses.


8. Embry Riddle Worldwide

Embry Riddle Worldwide

This is another widely known aviation school in the industry where you can secure an Online bachelor’s degree in aviation. It is the largest accredited university system specializing in aviation and aerospace.

Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University is a private university with its main campuses in Daytona Beach, Florida, and Prescott, Arizona. It considers itself to be one of the top aviation and aerospace schools in America.

The curriculum covers topics in general aeronautics and applications, general aeronautical science, airframe systems and applications, aircraft electrical systems theory, private pilot operations, and airman knowledge test preparation.


 Do I really need this degree to Become an Airline Pilot?

Of course, you be it a commercial /Airline Pilot, Air Traffic Controllers, Aircraft and Avionics Equipment Mechanics, and Technicians. Let’s Break it down for you to understand clearly.

As an Airline /commercial Pilot

From the preparation of flight plans to the navigation of airplanes and helicopters, airline and commercial pilots ensure that passengers and cargo arrive safely at their destinations.

A bachelor’s in aviation science or a similar field is required to become an airline pilot. Additionally, airline pilots must earn a commercial pilot’s license and an airline transport pilot certificate from the FAA. If you are looking for R-ATP…you’d be better off attending classes.


Air Traffic Controllers

As an Air Traffic controller, you really need either on-campus bachelor’s degree or Online bachelor’s degree in Aviation. The Job duties of Air traffic controllers include directing the safest and most efficient courses for aircraft, updating pilots of ground and weather conditions. The annual salary for Air Traffic controllers is $122,410.


As an Aircraft and Avionics Equipment Mechanics and Technicians

These professionals typically work eight-hour shifts with frequent overtime and weekend hours. Work responsibilities include determining the cause of malfunctioning parts, repairing broken aircraft, and performing routine maintenance.

Earning an online aviation degree helps prepare candidates for the aviation mechanic examination in real-time.

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