Top Ten Drones Good For Photography

I’m guessing that if you’re interested in this article, it means that you’ve been into drones for a while now, especially as use in photography and videography. It’s amazing to see how drones have changed perspective in pictures and videos giving they are more than 4k resolutions.

Even though almost all drones possess this feature and more, you would agree that there are those that surpass one another, because of the extra touch put into it. In the aspect of drones for photography, we will be looking at the top ten best drones for aerial photography. You Can also check Easy ways to Purchase your Drone Online

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

For making awesome pictures, this drone is what you need. It has a professional camera L1D-20c with an inch CMOS sensor made by Hasselbald. This drone is perfect for taking wonderful 20-Megapixel photos, and 4K videos. It has a sport mode that allows it to fly with a speed of 45mph. It is portable, and so, you can carry it wherever you go.

Dji Mavic Pro- FlyMags
Yuneec H520-FlyMags

Yuneec H520

This one is made by the Yuneec Company. It has a 360-degree gimbal camera
which is great for making Ultra HD videos and 20Mp images. It has 6 rotors and retractable
landing gear. It can fly a maximum distance of 500 meters. It has a battery life of 25 minutes.

Exclusive flight speed control offers slowest speed above stall flight for maximum precision in challenging environments. H520’s landing gear retracts out of the way to give you a full, 360° view of the world to capture important data in the field. Also Commercial, comprehensive service packages are available separately.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro

This drone wins the hearts of many photographers because of its
features. It has built-in cameras that offers stunning 4K, 2.7K, 1080p and 720p videos. It has
sensors that enables it to avoid obstacles during flight. In its sport mode, it can fly with a speed
of 45mph and stay up for up to 28 minutes.

Dji Phantom 4 Pro- FlyMags

Yuneec Mantis Q

This drone is one of the best in the market. With less than $500-$700 it can be
acquired. Apart from the fact that it can take a 20-Megapixel picture and record a 4K HD video,
this drone allows for voice command, with its voice control system. This drone can fly for 33
minutes, reaching top speed of 44Mph.

Yuneec Mantis - FlyMags

DJI Spark

This drone is one of the best for beginners. It is portable and very easy to use. This
drone is mounted with a 12Mp camera and a 1080p video shot. It has a Quickshot Mode that
takes the best of photos during flight mode. This drone also enables you to predefine its flight
path before take-off. It is simply awe-mazing. this one of the most recommendable drones good for photography

U49C Red Heron Quadcopter Drone-FLYMAGS

U49C Red Heron Quadcopter Drone

If you are just starting out with aerial photography, then
this drone is for you. It is a combination of contemporary design, affordable price and high
quality. It has a great camera which takes great shots, and for making 120-degree 720p Videos. It
has an extra battery life, which enables the drone to have a double flight mode. This is the cheapest drones you can go for

DJI Inspire 2

Make no mistake. This is one of the best drones out there for photographers and
videographers out there. With a camera lens of 30Mp, this drone gives you one of the best shots
for selfies, and for making videos of up to 5k resolutions. Its battery capacity can make it last up
to 25 minutes on flight. Make no mistake, this piece of flying beauty isn’t for beginners. It’s a
professional drone good for photography

Parrot Anafi-flymags

This is a lightweight drone with an incredible camera range, making it have one
of the most impressive photography chops. It has a 180-degree vertical range kind of camera,
which enables it to take photos directly upward-a feat no drone can match. It also has a 2.8x
zoomable lens with no image quality reduction. This one of the drones good for Photography. It’s worth the purchase

This drone has a fish-eye lens and a stabilization software that removes the
need for a gimbal. Meaning, it can rotate at an angle of 180-degree. It is quite good for taking
selfies and also making HD videos for videographers. It is also not expensive to purchase online.

Parrot Bepob 2-fish eye
ZeroTech Dobby-FlyMags

ZeroTech Dobby

The makers of this small and cheap drone tagged it as a ‘selfie drone’,
which makes it fit into your bag, thus you can carry it to wherever you want. Overall, this drone
is good for those learning how to fly a drone, and those learning how to take camera shots with
it. the dobby drone is simple and intuitive it is one of the drones good for photography. 

Our Best Preferred Drones good for Photography is the DJI Inspire 2

The DJI Inspire 2 quadcopter is a flying platform that is at once inspirational and aspirational. It will inspire you to pursue more daring, more professional video. And you’ll aspire to own it because an Inspire 2 will help you create more sophisticated video than is possible with any other quadcopter — even the groundbreaking Inspire 1.
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