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What flight attendants do after a long International Flights it’s just the same things You and I do after a long-haul flight too- no big difference!.

  • They Pickup luggage like everyone that just left the plane.
  • Customs and immigration like everyone at the airport.
  • Crew bus takes them to hotel Just the way you board a taxi at the Airport to A hotel too
  • Check-in and collect allowance (for US. in cash in local currency)

Some have access to big Five Star Hotels in the country depending on their location at that time.

This post is to subject to all flight attendants to please share their own ideas for all to learn and use this beautiful moment, to check out interesting places you guys have explored.

Back to the topic, What Flight Attendants do after A Long International Flights. First, have this at the back of your mind that hat different airlines have different rules, I’ll answer this question based on my experience as a writer, analyst, and an Observer. (That’s why you need to add your own comment if you a Flight attendant to educate others as well).

The airline arranges for Hotels and the transfer from the Airport to that Hotel. In many cases, the flight crew & cabin crew go to different hotels, because the Union Agreements regarding hotels may be different, so they may differ.

Please bear in Mind that you are expected to use this free period when the airplane has been cleared.

i.e. After the passengers deplane, all flight crew commences an after-landing check for anything they left behind if so, the items get handed off to ground staff and they just leave.

For Example, the Emirates cabin crew got to stay in one of the best hotels all over the world and most of the time right in the City Centre. The layovers were from 24 hours till 72 hours and pretty much, they could do everything within that time as long as they were back and ready for the flight.

So basically, they did everything from Safari, mountain climbing, sightseeing, golf, football, boat tours, shopping, cooking classes, meeting friends and family.

So, you see, if you think that after a Long-haul flight that cabin crew members just sat down and read Magazines, You are seriously wrong. Although I agree with the fact that they still have to prepare trolleys and meals needed to be heated, drink trolleys to be filled up for the next trip.

For Etihad Airways

What Flight Attendants do after A Long International Flights

During the layover, Etihad Cabin crew can do whatever they want providing it is not considered a dangerous activity such as diving (it is in the flight attendants manuals how long before a flight Etihad Cabin crew can dive) or soaring and stuffs like that. So normally flight attendants enjoy going for food, shopping or just resting in their hotel rooms.

If it is an inbound flight, they might just go home and enjoy their days off. After a long flight says it 15 hours and above, they get to enjoy a minimum of 2 days off (48 hours).

The Main Point is that most airlines usually have an agreement with a specific hotel or chain of hotels. And the flight crew will be put up at a particular one depending on the city. And What Flight Attendants do after A Long International Flights, depends on what you call long flights ah mean if it’s short, you will be at the “short layover” hotel, or the “long” layover hotel depending on how many hours you have there.

Rules or no rules, as a flight attendant, you are required a certain amount of rest. (Not just company policy, some of these regulations are covered by federal aviation regulations.) For example, for US Airlines, the FAA has strict crew rest rules for both Cabin crew and Flight crew.

Gulf Air

For our friends at Gulf Air, I heard it’s a very sad experience. you might think they live a glamorous life flying all over the world, meeting people and all that bliss after a long International flight. But, they are not.

Benefits of all kind keep being cut from the Flight crew. starting with the cut of night stops in certain destinations- instead of a layover crew operates both ways for many hours in a row, mainly at night. and the list goes on: pay cuts, discount tickets, and other stuff. Comparing What Flight Attendants do after A Long International Flights in Gulf Air to US Airlines is a very bad Idea because both are from different shoes. But Gulf Air is A very good Working Environment with Quality Instructors.

My Opinion to Anyone Reading This and Interested in looking for a career as cabin crew

Some people think its stress but left to me this is one of the best places or let me say one of the best professions in the world. Go for it the whole experience is mind-blowing and I believe that you can’t get this much of experience with any other job.

All you need is to be positive, always stay prepared for a lot of challenges along the way, but it’s so much fun. The people you’ll meet, the places you’ll visit during your free time, everything is so worth it! All you need is to Just be yourself and apply for this job badly and it will be yours.

To be honest with you, some of your social freedom will be deprived of you but it’s still worth it. Let me give you an example with Emirates once again. No visible tattoos are allowed when wearing the airline’s uniform, and there are also specific dress and appearance specifications when submitting an online photo for Open day and Assessment day Events.

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